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Comics Drama

American Prince

LGBTQ+ Murder Organized Crime Supernatural / Occult Adults (18+)
gay vampire
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14 pages (FREE)
6: Brimstone : Part 2
NSFW 732 views • Jul 12, 2022
Malachy's lies about his vampiric powers are revealed in the chaotic aftermath of the murder of King Midas' nephew. meanwhile new enemies emerge from the fire and blood to threaten Las Vegas.
10 pages (FREE)
5: Art Gallery Book 1
NSFW 242 views • Jun 04, 2022
This special edition art book is compiled with the Art of American Prince. Unreleased artworks, uncensored art as well as original character designs and more.
10 pages (FREE)
4: Brimstone : Part 1
NSFW 163 views • May 17, 2022
A day in the nightlife of Las Vegas. Gangster King Midas gives Malachy a request he cannot refuse.
10 pages (FREE)
3: Strange Bedfellows
NSFW 267 views • Apr 27, 2022
Is it a relationship? Is it a one night stand? Bed hopping vampires and their lovers gamble on an unknown future. Raleigh and Jenny finally say 'Goodbye- Good riddance!'
7 pages (FREE)
NSFW 164 views • Apr 24, 2022
Sin City, Las Vegas. Memories of Legendary Entertainer the Late Sammie Gunter overshadows Mal's new life with Mob boss King Midas. Raleigh meets Mal his new boss as the sparks fly.
21 pages (FREE)
1: American Prince Prologue : Changes
NSFW 1.3K views • Apr 23, 2022
Meet Vampire Malachy as he prepares to move from London to Las Vegas. Vegas resident Human Raleigh is preparing for a new life after breaking up with his cheating girlfriend Jenny. 2nd Edition August 2022.