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Anthropomorphic Dystopian Humor Superhero Kids (3-12)
Teenagers (13-18)
Adults (18+)
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23 pages
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4: Adamant #4
24 views • Sep 28, 2022
Dr. Alpha and Pogo have left Adamant at the mercy of King Adamant! An older, nastier and far more powerful version of himself from the future... who also happens to be undisputed ruler of the world! Believing himself to be the one, true Adamant, the king delves into his younger self's mind to discover the truth. And while the Adamants have their meeting of the minds, Pogo and Dr. Alpha make moves of their own!
22 pages
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3: Adamant #3
23 views • Sep 23, 2022
Adamant just learned he's not the only Adamant in town. And if the words of his former arch-nemesis, Dr. Alpha, can be believed, this Adamant hasn't aged well... he's evil personified! But can Adamant really trust the word of an evil genius who spent years trying to kill him? Or will he do what he always does, and stubbornly confront his "better half" in person to find out for himself?
22 pages
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2: Adamant #2
34 views • Sep 22, 2022
Trapped in the far future, Adamant fights for his life against the forces of Dr. Alpha. Unfortunately for Adamant, even if he prevails his aged archenemy holds a secret that could shatter the unbreakable hero once and for all.
22 pages (FREE)
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1: Adamant #1
108 views • Sep 22, 2022
Thrust into the far future by his greatest enemy, Adamant arrives in a world that's been transformed into a dystopian nightmare primarily due to his absence from the present. A hero out of time, trapped in an impossibly bleak future, Adamant battles enemies old and new in an effort to return the world to a semblance of the one that was taken from him.