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Comics Drama

A Stick A Stone

LGBTQ+ Love Magic Post-apocalyptic Supernatural / Occult Teenagers (13-18)
Adults (18+)
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12 pages (FREE)
6: A Tale of Meeting at the End of the World (5)
128 views • Sep 25, 2022
"Whadya mean you ain't goin' after--" "--Son, I know y'got feelin's on it all but *feelins* aren't law. If he did do it--" "--You saw the bodies, of course he g'damn well did it--" "--then we don' have the kind of firepower t'go after him. So if he's gone? We best just let him on, 'n count it lucky we only lost TWO." // Recommended Listening: "Francis" / Haley Heynderrickx & Max García Conover
10 pages (FREE)
5: A Tale of Meeting at the End of the World (4)
106 views • Sep 18, 2022
"Well I never met m'self none of them Weavers, but Gloria, she sez she don' think he had it in him--" "--Ruthie, I don' care what Gloria sez, I think he's a scoundrel, you only got to take one look at'im and it as is plain as day, woman. Just look, he got Jolene Turner of all people laughin' on 'ccount of them charms. A'course he did it." // Recommended Listening: "Hangman's Reel" / Kaia Kater
7 pages (FREE)
4: A Tale about the End of the World (1)
74 views • Sep 11, 2022
"Next slide please- as you can see, unlike the dynamic equilibrium present in prior Post-Break structures of the same subject, now note the concentrated clusters here, and here: the neural tissue is disproportionately infected with Fermionic Cargaphagia. This alters the Rayiz- next slide, please-" ​// Recommended Listening: "Only Strings and Their Supports Remain" / A Winged Victory for the Sullen
7 pages (FREE)
3: A Tale of Belonging at the End of the World (3)
129 views • Aug 21, 2022
"That Turner girl, shame what happened and all, and I *feel* fer her, I *do*, but *honestly,* she *got* to carry on like that? Sal saw her heading into an alley with one'a *them,* and heaven, but ain't that trouble in the makin, I *declare*, I declare.'" // Roads chosen and fates tempted this week. Thanks for reading! // Recommended Listening: "Take the Journey" / Molly Tuttle
7 pages (FREE)
2: A Tale of Belonging at the End of the World (2)
148 views • Aug 07, 2022
"Don't know much about them Northerners, m'self, but figure them rumors got to speak for themselves, yknow? Watch ya wallets around those; ifn they ain't liftin' your dollars, probably be charmin' you right outta 'em, Poppa sez." // Chance encounters and some sideways dealings happening here in Bartley. // Recommended Listening: "Shine You No More" / Rune Ronsgaard Sorenson & Danish String Quartet
6 pages (FREE)
1: A Tale of Belonging at the End of the World (1)
381 views • Jul 31, 2022
"Bartley's a small town, yknow. Not'lotta folks coming through, 'fore the War, after, even. Yeah, you got them convoys what with the bodies, and sometimes Deacon's boys bringin in things, but, folks mostly keep on through, save for festivs. Speakin' on: heard HE was back'in town for this'n; best get movin' on ifn he knows what's good, y'hear?" // Recommended listening: "Deep Gap" / Marisa Anderson

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