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Death Sin
» Manga » Thriller
Fighting / Martial Arts Magic Supernatural / Occult
Connor, a teen who must live with a terrible secret. He was born with a cursed Right Eye that draws him to scenes of immense cruelty and violence what we call Sins.
» Manga » Thriller
Political Psychological
Suffering from insomnia, Young, depressed, Dr. Aric Bleak, is a world-famous animal rescuer and investigator living in New York City. Seen by some as an animal-saving superhero but seen by others as a pesky vigilante punishing “alleged” animal abusers. Fed up with a corrupted society that exploits innocent beings and hides it from the public he gradually grows disconnected from reality
» Manga » Thriller
Shin Baredo, a delusional MADMAN arrives at Tomido Citadel to get a job, but is chased by the Brokers instead. He is saved by Suisui, a terrorized female MADMAN, and her family. Will his employment as a MADMEN recruiter under Link Toy Family lead him to a better life? Or will reality betray him once again?
» Manga » Thriller
It was supposed to be a fun hike... but when this group of friends takes shelter in the mountains, their lives change forever thanks to one book. Read all the twist and turns that happen, as these teens are slowly, yet surely, whittled down.
» Manga » Thriller
Gore Mature Murder Mystery Psychological
This is a crime thriller manga that follows a criminal psycho-analyst who can empathise with criminals as he tracks down a serial killer on the loose, without sacrificing his sanity. Fans of true crime, and shows like Death Note, Psycho Pass, Hannibal, Dexter and Mind Hunter will definitely love this read.