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Monsters Post-apocalyptic Supernatural / Occult
The water came and the cities fell. They were alone. The world is covered with water, Charlie is restricted to his boat searching for a home he may never find. Plagued by memories, nightmares and the shadows will he be able to survive in this new world and find peace?
Things People Dream About
» Graphic Novel » Drama
Family / Pets Friendship Leading Ladies Medical Psychological
Story of a nurse called Karen Baker, who tries to get her life in order after a suicide attempt. The people who she meets along the way don't make it any easier.
» Graphic Novel » Drama
Humor LGBTQ+ Organized Crime Steam / Cyber punk
It's the year 2100 in New Portland, Australia. The Immortals are a reckless street gang trying to corner the market on illegal but highly advanced prosthetic technology known as CHIPs.
The Unlucky Ones and the Edge of Nowhere
» Graphic Novel » Drama
Friendship LGBTQ+ Supernatural / Occult
Lúcio and Sonia are two East Bay college graduates who, after struggling to control destructive powers they’ve suddenly gained, decide to leave their lives behind. After crossing paths in a sleepy diner, they embark on a winding road trip across the western United States with a friendship born out of uncertainty and hope for a new beginning, all the while trying to outrun their mortality.
The Kids Stick Together
» Graphic Novel » Drama
Family / Pets Friendship Love Music & Theatre
Showcasing the collaborative artwork of Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi (aka The Kickstand Kids). Filled with their best covers, sketches and comic pages from projects such as Loose Ends, Spider-Gwen & More! 112-page color digital.
Crosshair Clemency Part One: Briefcase X
» Graphic Novel » Drama
Murder Organized Crime Political Psychological
Blue-collar engineer and war veteran Bret Tawkins discovers a mysterious briefcase in the debris of a fiery plane crash. Things take a dark turn when his wife is kidnapped by thugs seeking the case. Meanwhile, Canadian detective Yvonne Berger arrives to further an investigation into a wealthy corrupt business magnate.
The Book of Purgatory
» Graphic Novel » Drama
Fighting / Martial Arts Magic Mythical Psychological Supernatural / Occult
The Book of Purgatory is a comic adaptation/reinterpretation + crossover story between classical works of literature, depicting the stories themselves, and what could have happened after their endings. At the forefront of this story is Doctor Faust, and his demonic companion Mephistopheles.
Crosshair Clemency Part Two: Red-Pencilling
» Graphic Novel » Drama
Murder Organized Crime Political
Following his ordeal and looking for answers, Bret receives a tip-off from a corporate whistleblower regarding the truth behind his wife's kidnapping. Inspector Berger continues her investigation, but unbeknownst to her, she is being watched by a silent inquisitive hitman.