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Dead Reckoning
» Comic » Horror
Family / Pets Monsters Post-apocalyptic
Minneapolis Police Officer, Ryan Gavin, has been thrust into the very beginning of a zombie apocalypse, where the dead are tearing the living from limb to limb. However, things go from bad to worse, when his brother-in-law is bitten by one of the infected, forcing Ryan to make a decision that could either save one life, or end them all...
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Political Post-apocalyptic Space / Interdimensional
A blend of Corporate Espionage and Science Fiction, Torchbearer follows the story of the Torchbearers, a group that has risen up against the corporatocracy of Prometheus Inc, and the actions they take to stop the corporations before it's too late.
I Play the Bad Guy
» Comic » Thriller
Leading Ladies Military Superhero
"I Play the Bad Guy” follows a team of retired ex-military superheroes and pits them against a younger team of non-powered soldiers sent to contain them. The morality of granting the older heroes powers during Cold War experiments by the U.S. Government is explored throughout the course of the series as they try to prevent the next generation of powered soldiers from being created.
Bottoms Up: Hard Liquor
» Manga » Horror
Anthropomorphic Humor Leading Ladies Psychological
Suspense horror where the killer is... a bottle of booze. An alcoholic party girl on the brink of going sober partakes in one last night of drinking with her friends, but a deadly bottle of booze may truly make it her last drink. An homage to Street Trash (1987) and the iconic body horror of the 80s, Bottoms Up: Hard Liquor is full of melting bodies, suspense, and a dash of 80s horniness.
The Dead
» Graphic Novel » Sci-Fi
Friendship Monsters Psychological Supernatural / Occult
When Sam opens his eyes after dying, he expects to see clouds or hellfire. What he’s faced with instead is “The House” — a surreal and often-dangerous afterlife of interconnected rooms.
Crow Creek
» Comic » Horror
Friendship Monsters Psychological
A horror one-shot comic about a mysterious zombie outbreak unraveling on a Native American reservation.
Bridgeland: Vol.1
» Graphic Novel » Crime
Family / Pets Love
BRIDGELAND is a contemporary suspense graphic novel set in Barbados. Two underprivileged teen brothers make a desperate attempt to rob a wealthy home that ends in tragedy.
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Space / Interdimensional
In this tale of space oddity, humanity has colonized the s tars. While the crew of a Helium-3 mining space station sleeps, a daydreaming doctor must solve the mystery of disappearing crew members, while fending off a deadly alien life form. A last second discovery is infused into the turmoil and a terrible choice must be made. One-shot
Strange Skies
» Comic » Horror
Psychological Space / Interdimensional Supernatural / Occult
A plane gets sucked through a wormhole and ends up flying through strange skies in this Alfred Hitchcock-esque supernatural thriller. "Through Strong Characterisation, Strange Skies Paints a Raw Picture of Humanity" A Place To Hang Yor Cape "...inducing thrills and terrifying images of life with a chain of events that make us get to know each other and our universe." Readers Favourite
Horror Comics
» Comic » Horror
Murder Organized Crime School
In a small town near Miami, Florida, Thomas Wright, the local ice cream man, serves up sweet, delicious new ice cream flavors he makes himself... from the flesh of his murder victims! Timmy La La Ice Cream delivers the taste of terror with some ice-SCREAM treats!
The Smoke in the Mirror
» Comic » Horror
Monsters Supernatural / Occult
The Smoke in the Mirror is a horror comic that follows 14-year-old Alé as he deals with the effects of a mysterious event at his school just before summer vacation.
49th Key
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Magic Monsters Supernatural / Occult
In the 16th century, during the golden age in England, forty-eight keys were passed between worlds. These angelic messages spoke of community, compassion, and forgiveness. Centuries later, there are still rumors of another message yet to come. One foretold to open the gates of wisdom and understanding...