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Under a Blood-Red Moon
» Comic » Horror
Aliens Leading Ladies Monsters Post-apocalyptic Space / Interdimensional
The Earth has been invaded by a race of aliens whose only interest is finding new slaves for their empire. This creates a problem for some of the other species living here--vampires and werewolves. The more humans they take off planet, the less food they have. Our fate is locked in between these two warring factions whose only desire is to retrieve their food source. Whoever wins, we lose!
Labyrinth of Saint Thomas 聖人トーマスの迷路 Seijin Tomasu no Meiro
» Graphic Novel » Sci-Fi
Murder Space / Interdimensional
"Eldridge Wargrave" awakens at the edge of a maze-like forest. Following a beautiful blonde, he enters Tench House and begins a swirl of sex, murder mystery and existential horror! Webcomic:
The Mutilator and The Burning Moon
» Comic » Horror
Monsters Supernatural / Occult
A young janitor must, after recently recovering from an attack by a mysterious beast in Germany, elude a psychotic killer in Rome after witnessing the slaying of a young model. Werewolves, bikers, jungle cannibals, naughty nuns and women behind bars all collide in this sleazy, ultra-violent comic dedicated to 70s and 80s horror/exploitation films!
Vertical Long-Strip Free
Doll Revolution
» Comic » Comedy
Humor Leading Ladies Love Robots / Mecha
On its surface Doll Revolution is a seriocomic look at the lives of sex dolls and the men who own them, but at its heart it is about love, determination & empowerment.