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» Comic » History
Military Murder Superhero Supernatural / Occult
December 7th, 1941: As the Interagents deploy to the Philippines to thwart a surprise attack, Japanese bombs rain down on Pearl Harbor killing 2,388 American servicemen. But who sent the communique that lured the super team away from the true Japanese target? And who murdered the only Interagent who knew of the impending attack on Pearl Harbor?
I Play the Bad Guy
» Comic » Thriller
Leading Ladies Military Superhero
"I Play the Bad Guy” follows a team of retired ex-military superheroes and pits them against a younger team of non-powered soldiers sent to contain them. The morality of granting the older heroes powers during Cold War experiments by the U.S. Government is explored throughout the course of the series as they try to prevent the next generation of powered soldiers from being created.
Warcorns: Combat Unicorns
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Anthropomorphic Military Science
From the Franklin and Ghost universe comes the most fabulously elite military force in the galaxy. After having successfully evaded two complete dispatches of Retrieval Bots from Defilion, Franklin and Ghost are sent by their female accomplice, Delilah, to retrieve a rare weapon that is instrumental to the destruction of Defilion. Warcorns Special forces Group Alpha is dispatched, at the behest...
American Defenders
» Graphic Novel » Action
It's off we go into the wild blue yonder to find out the origins from the most amazing air force in the world. Starting with the aerial exploits of balloons used in the Civil War for spying out the enemy, then tracing it to the dunes of Kitty Hawk, AMERICAN DEFENDERS: THE AIR FORCE shows how the United States Air Force keeps skies over the country safe and how they helped defeat any enemy -...
Hot Blooded Foreigner Sailor Ragowski
» Manga » Adventure
Fighting / Martial Arts Friendship Leading Ladies Military Superhero
Pfc. Regina Ragowski is a 19yr Marine stationed on Okinawa. During a late night meetup with her Japanese tutor, Regina achieves her dreams of becoming a Japanese Magical Girl, but very quickly she learns that the road to being a hero is much harder than she thought.
» Graphic Novel » Action
Military Monsters Post-apocalyptic Superhero
Regina Ragowski is a salty Marine Vet who suddenly finds herself without pants during the initial zombie outbreak in California.
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Military Monsters Supernatural / Occult
In 1994, a fourteen-year-old boy named MATT, witnesses a rare event called CLOUD-EMPTYING. A cloud falls from the sky in a hurricane storm and freezes everything on the ground it contacts. The cloud-emptying encases his neighbor's house in a block of ice and claims the life of a child, shattering the peaceful quiet of his small town. The following night, Matt looks outside his bedroom window to...
Twilight X Storm
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Leading Ladies Military Murder
Somewhere in the Caribbean, the armies of post-nuclear Earth gather for a great battle... and after eleven years of war, America will win or lose in this final confrontation! Jed and Toots find themselves in the middle of the last battle of World War Three! The storm gathers...
Frozen Wasteland
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Fighting / Martial Arts Love Military
America is covered in snow. Rival gangs fight for control of a glacial Los Angeles, law and order has collapsed, and the government fears it will lose the city. The beleaguered military can only send four Marines to restore order. Soldier Ricky Di Santos returns to the city of his birth, a city he left long before to escape a girl he once loved. Now, they are destined to meet again, this time...
Blueprint for the King- The Prototype One Shot
» Manga » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Military Monsters Political Post-apocalyptic
The story takes place in a world that's far into the future, where the world has rebuilt itself after an apocalypse. In the due process, it brought changes to many races and ethnicities. Some benefitted and some did not. Our protagonist, Kioren has an ambition in his life that relates to the world. Will he be able to achieve it?
Insurrection: Fox Operations
» Comic » Action
Military Political Psychological
This is a story of corruption, betrayal & perpetual hardship. Insurrection takes you through the horror of insurgency in a developing nation, tells you what the lives of the people whose tomorrow is uncertain feels like. This fictional story is a voice attempting to tell the world what it means to be a common man & a dedicated soldier in a country where corruption is deeply rooted in every sector.
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Military Psychological Space / Interdimensional Supernatural / Occult
Claire is a 30-something teacher twice abducted-- first by aliens, and then by a clandestine government agency bent on harnessing Claire’s altered biology. Doc Marcee is a retired radio host, wary of the mysterious government base nearby and its relentless influx of unmarked vans at all hours. When their paths intertwine on the search for answers, it will change them, and everyone, forever.