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» Graphic Novel » Comedy
Humor Monsters Post-apocalyptic Supernatural / Occult
What would you do if you died in the Apocalypse but never moved on? Frank was an ordinary man who found himself in that very situation. As a ghost tethered to his undead corpse, Frank and his beloved self shamble around the end of times looking for the reasons why. Frank is a comedy unlike any other with action and laughs from cover to cover.
Adventures with Capt'n Heroic
» Comic » Comedy
Humor Superhero
A Not-Quite-Normal Superhero comedy that follows the unlikely duo, Capt'n Heroic & SideKick as they attempt rid the world from evil... well as long as SideKick can keep Capt'n Heroic in line that is.
Lost Raven
» Graphic Novel » Action
In this free preview book, see never before art from DC Comics' Sean Murphy and Marvel comics Renato Arlem & Keu Cha. HIV is a serious issue in the world today and TidalWave gives you a sneak peak into the adventure of Zak Raven who struggles with the disease as well as trying to save the world.
» Comic » Adventure
Friendship Love Monsters Murder Superhero
In this world the people are divided by those who are radiated and those who are not. We have “Z” our radiated hero, who must try and stop the organizations and crime bosses hellbent on ultimate control. Our radiated vigilante will soon realize that his origins aren’t as simple as he once thought…
Damn Heroes
» Comic » Satire
Humor Superhero
Guy goes five miles over the speed limit in a town full of superheroes and gets sentenced to five years of community service. Nuff Said.
Hero House
» Graphic Novel » Action
Friendship Humor Superhero