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» Comic » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Humor Robots / Mecha Superhero
"The mad roboticist Malicious Fingers is after 6 magical minerals said to have been blasted off the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs. Teenage speedster Jet Stream, along with his two friends Katrina McCain and Leon Grey, have fought Malicious to thwart his evil schemes time and again! This is the story of their ongoing battle to stop Malicious wherever he strikes!" Uploads in Full Chapters
Human Resources
» Graphic Novel » Comedy
Humor Monsters
Mark never wanted to work for a big evil corporation, but when he loses his job and knocks up his girlfriend, he’s forced to take a job from hell. Literally. As one of the only human employees at an insurance company run by a feckless demon, Mark battles office politics and supernatural creatures as he tries to save his soul without losing his job.
Sweet Nola
» Manga » Comedy
Friendship Humor Leading Ladies Love School
Nola is a office worker. She takes care of her beloved little brother who is prodigious in music. Her hobbies include kickboxing and beating men to a little pulp. One day, her company offers a paid master's. Returning to college would mean giving up her stable life and moving to a new city. The offer tempts her... [Adapted from my novel of the same name available on :]
Box Boy
» Graphic Novel » Adventure
Anthropomorphic Humor
On a crisp autumn morning, beneath a pile of fallen leaves, a strange creature made of cereal boxes and paper rolls awakens. He doesn't know where he is or why he is, only that he must make it home. His way back is filled with dangers, surprises, and a dark secret that could change the world. Box Boy is a comic about friendship, the pursuit of purpose, and the adventures that happen along the way.
Lil' Hellions
» Graphic Novel » Comedy
A day at the zoo for a group of kids is no cause for alarm–unless those kids are from the bowels of Hell. Join Jim Reaper, Louie, Lucy and Boog for a trip to the zoo It doesn’t take long for the trip to turn into bedlam, and it’s up to Jim to save the day… that is, if he can control his bowels long enough.
» Graphic Novel » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Friendship Humor Superhero
Carlos, a regular duck living in the great city of Featherbay, just got dumped by his girlfriend, his life as a freelance do-it-all is going nowhere, and he must make some grown up decisions: to get a real job, get his girl back, and stop drinking. That is, until he gets super powers and becomes the only duck in the world who can stop a powerful creature who's destroying the city on a vengeful ram
» Manga » Fantasy
Humor Magic School Supernatural / Occult
When you live in a world where magic and technology co-exist, things do not seem any better. When Junior Royal and his brother Oliver get accepted into North Academy, they think life will be a breeze but instead, what awaits them is chaos and hardships. Rogue Students, challengers, an escaped experiment gone wrong. All these things wait for our duo and the friends they make along the way.
» Comic » Action
Anthropomorphic Friendship Humor Space / Interdimensional
Tom and Artie is about two interdimensional best buddy mercenaries from different worlds. Each contract they take is a wildly different zany adventure as they meet strange and interesting characters to fight and trick. Written by Robert Livingston Edited by Mike Stevens Art by Zhao Chunlin Lettering by Micah Myers
Purple Myth
» Manga » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Humor Leading Ladies Magic Post-apocalyptic
Purple Myth is a Manga inspired Graphic Novel in the style of your typical Shouen series. Filled with action, comedy, drama. It follows the adventures of Moho Winter, a woman looking to become the Ace Adventurer and find who her parents are. As she sets out on her adventure she is sure to meet many companions and foe alike.
Suburban Fairy Tales
» Comic » Gag-a-day
Anthropomorphic Humor
Join in the adventures of The Three Pigs and their friends as they stumble through life, friendship, and their fairy tale woes in modern day suburbia... as well as high school!
Scrooge and Santa
» Graphic Novel » Fantasy
Family / Pets Humor
On Christmas Eve, a modern day Scrooge is on the run after the FBI learns he kidnapped Santa Claus. His assistant, Bonnie Cratchit, agrees to help him escape, but only if he helps Santa Claus get back to the North Pole first. Now Scrooge, with some help from the Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future, must go on an adventure to bring Santa home in time to save Christmas.
Lactose-Intolerant Man
» Comic » Comedy
It's weird but it's free. Lactose-Intolerant Man ©1996-2020 Darren Glenn. Too Much Coffee Man ©2020 Shannon Wheeler. Used by permission.
Damn Heroes
» Comic » Satire
Humor Superhero
Guy goes five miles over the speed limit in a town full of superheroes and gets sentenced to five years of community service. Nuff Said.
There's an Alien in my Toilet
» Comic » Comedy
Aliens Family / Pets Humor Military Science
Within our universe there is a race of aliens on a quest to conquer Earth. Before they unleash their arsenal on the unsuspecting populous, the Government of Uranus has decided to send their best Warrior to earth to determine if we pose a threat. This lone warrior is the most advanced and highly skilled in his class. What he is ready to explode onto the world will prove to be most devastating or no
» Graphic Novel » Comedy
TidalWave Productions proudly presents the first four issues of "COMICS," the biography series about stand-ups, sitcom stars, and comedians who have made a huge impact on popular culture. Included in this volume are the illustrated life stories of George Carlin, Lucille Ball, and The Three Stooges, as well as the history of Saturday Night Live. This volume also features an exclusive biography...
» Comic » Comedy
Family / Pets Humor Love
High School Friends
» Manga » Comedy
Humor School
Mischievous story of high school students' life.
» Comic » Fantasy
1. The Wish Ring - Be careful what you wish for. 2. The Curse of Gandorf - What if a dragon fell in love with a human?