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Sasquatch: Klondike
» Comic » Thriller
Friendship Monsters Psychological Supernatural / Occult
Sasquatch: Klondike is a thriller series: one part historical fiction, one part social analysis, two parts lore and legend, and a splash of adrenaline-soaked mindless panic. At the beginning of the Klondike gold rush, a group of impoverished Canadian families blaze new trails through Northern Alberta. Burdened by unexpected and devastating challenges, they attempt to escape with their lives,
» Comic » Adventure
The true story of a 13-year old boy getting lost in the endless prairie land of rural Saskatchewan. 21 full colour pages, completed.
The Beard
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Humor Love Space / Interdimensional
An eco-slacktivist in an alternate future fears his beard might be alive.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
Ferda Boys
» Comic » Sports
Friendship Love School
The hard times of a junior C hockey team in countryside Ontario.