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Exclusive Staff Pick
Resilience: Creators Against COVID
» Comic » Slice of Life
Family / Pets Friendship Love Medical Science
Resilience: Creators Against COVID is a digital anthology designed to give comic creators a chance to provide support to their community. We have teamed up with an amazing team of creators to tell stories of perseverance and hope. 100% of the subscription revenue for Resilience will go straight to the creators to donate to their causes. GlobalComix will not make any money from this comic.
Chad in Amsterdam
» Comic » Slice of Life
Humor Political Psychological
After spending a decade in Washington, DC, native Clevelander Chad Bilyeu emigrated to the Netherlands. He has been residing in Amsterdam since 2009, looking for something different but not certain precisely what. This is the tale of an obstinate autodidact in one of the world’s most infamous places. This comic is a portrait of a diverse metropolis as presented by a man destined to be there.
Graphic Classics
» Graphic Novel » Adventure
Family / Pets Humor Holiday Murder Supernatural / Occult
Stories by the greatest writers in the history of literature! Graphic Classics® is a series of books presenting great fiction in comics and illustration for contemporary readers ages twelve to adult. Each volume features the works of the world’s greatest authors, illustrated by some of the best artists working today in the fields of comics, illustration and fine arts.
» Comic » Horror
Humor Supernatural / Occult
Meanwhile... is a critically-acclaimed anthology title, curated by copublisher John Anderson to meet the tastes of discerning comics readers. “With its enticing smorgasbord of styles and approaches to the comicsform, Meanwhile… is a veritable feast of diverse creative visions. Soaring Penguin have embraced... the anthology comic and given it a relevan[ce]" Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier
Vincent Price Presents
» Graphic Novel » Horror
This new collection of classic gothic horror stories featuring the master of horror in classic black and white like it was meant to be seen! Be afraid!
» Graphic Novel » Adventure
Magic Post-apocalyptic Space / Interdimensional Superhero
Elsewhere is a series of lovingly curated anthologies containing short pieces by independent creators from all over the world.
The Son of We Love Monsters
» Comic » Horror
Humor Monsters Psychological Supernatural / Occult
A horror comic book anthology for monster lovers. Featuring work by John Migliore, Oliver S. Castañeda, Ernesto C. Jocson Jr., Doug Migliore, Sean Wilson, Jim Stewart, Polyna Alexseeva, Earl Geier, Peter Triped, Jim Ordolis and a cover by Gary Shipman. 24 pgs, color cover and B&W interiors.
WinC Magazine
» Comic » Abstract
Humor LGBTQ+ Psychological
The premier issue of WinC Magazine! The summer 2021 issue is entitled "Dear Summer." Every issue will feature graphic essays, poetry, comic strips, microfiction, cartoons and short comics. Cover art is by Alice Meichi Li @alicemeichi.
This Nightmare Kills Fascists
» Graphic Novel » Horror
Love Political Post-apocalyptic Supernatural / Occult
A new horror anthology in the tradition of "Creepy" and "Eerie" reflecting on the current state of world politics.
1 Story of the omniworld
» Comic » Action
Space / Interdimensional Superhero
Welcome to the omnitierra, a place where compile different realities unleashed from the fantasies, hopes and ambitions of the real world. Bringing an anthology of pilots for potential stories.
Screw Phillips
» Comic » Action
Murder Organized Crime Psychological Supernatural / Occult
He was once a special agent and good at his job. But then he committed the ultimate sin and let his personal greed get the best of him. Viewed to the rest of the world as a rogue agent - gone bad.
» Comic » Abstract
Family / Pets Love Psychological
No two people are the same, but everybody grieves. Grief follows ten very different people as they each struggle with the pain of loss and their own personal demons.