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Vertical Long-Strip Free
Corrsolla Robot
» Manga » Adventure
Friendship Humor Leading Ladies Love Robots / Mecha
» Comic » Teen
Leading Ladies Psychological Superhero Supernatural / Occult
Two young women, living 100+ years apart, appear to be mysteriously connected, sharing the same super powers. But their goal is the same: freeing themselves from patriarchy, abuse and exploitation. Created by Fabrice Sapolsky (SPIDER-MAN NOIR). Co-written by Dawn J. Starr. Art by Daniele Sapuppo.
Hot Blooded Foreigner Sailor Ragowski
» Manga » Adventure
Fighting / Martial Arts Friendship Leading Ladies Military Superhero
Pfc. Regina Ragowski is a 19yr Marine stationed on Okinawa. During a late night meetup with her Japanese tutor, Regina achieves her dreams of becoming a Japanese Magical Girl, but very quickly she learns that the road to being a hero is much harder than she thought.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
Oh My Ghost
» Comic » Romance
Fighting / Martial Arts Humor Leading Ladies Love
Have you heard a ghost who is afraid of scary stuffs like darkness, horror movies, ghosts, and etc? and loves to eat sweets? Yup you read it right.... This Ghost can eat. Logic is useless here in this series.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
I Love My Yandere Neko Girlfriend
» Comic » Romance
Fighting / Martial Arts Humor Love Magic School
Kouji, His Yandere Neko Girlfriend Yunari (Obsessive Half Cat Girlfriend)And All Of Their Friends Struggling To Overcome The Trials In Their Daily Lives, While Also Facing A Upcoming War Between Angels, Fallen Angels And Demons Based On The Biblical Book Of Revelation And 14 Special Swords . Genres: Romance (Lots Of Different Relationships),Supernatural, Action, Mystery, Comedy, Fantasy, Heart War
Monday's Forecast for Hareyakana-shi
» Comic » Action
Aliens Fighting / Martial Arts Friendship Humor
Hareyakana-shi is a city in Japan known locally as the city of redemption. Wholly unrelated, "Monday's Forecast for Hareyakana-shi" is both a depressing and casually erotic tale of 4 estranged youths and their day-to-day adventures in finding the meaning in life, or whatever comes close. Also, one of them is an absolute alien.
Dei Ex Machina: Fragility
» Manga » Sci-Fi
Magic Monsters Space / Interdimensional
After being spirited away to another universe, Runie Ortix, a guilt-ridden ex-soldier is still unable to escape the memories of her former life.