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Blood Stained Snow
» Manga » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Monsters
Blood Stained Snow takes place in a world ruled by dragons. Only a few chosen humans are allowed to act as the dragon’s judges and death men. Feared for their madness and brutality – they are called Dragoons.
» Graphic Novel » Action
Family / Pets Fighting / Martial Arts Military Murder Political
Yasuke (originally Yasufe), a slave warrior originally from Mozambique, is taken by a Jesuit missionary to Japan in the late 16th century. Once warlord Oda Nobunaga lays eyes on him, he’s captivated and becomes the African slave’s new master, giving him his Japanese name, and making him a full-fledged samurai.
Yi Soon Shin
» Comic » History
Fighting / Martial Arts Military Political Superhero
This series is based on the true story of Admiral Yi Soon Shin, a Korean naval commander who saved his people from Japanese invasion forces during the Imjin War. Much like the Nazi's during World War II, the Japanese were known for having little remorse for the innocent civilians of Korea. They raped women, enslaved children and killed elders. All that stood against them was one man.
Elemental Balance
» Comic » Action
Psychological Science Superhero Supernatural / Occult
Elementals existed since the dawn of time but when they start disappearing, a new threat is revealed.
The Silver Sparrow
» Comic » Action
Monsters Robots / Mecha Supernatural / Occult
Eight-year-old Hiroko Nakahara has to spend the summer with a mysterious Grandfather she has never known. This could be the worst vacation ever. Or could it be the best? Set in Japan during the 1980s, The Silver Sparrow is a throwback to sci-fi tech adventure and classic videogames.