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» Comic » Horror
Monsters Murder Mystery Organized Crime Supernatural / Occult
In 1930s Illinois, Daniel is a kind but unfortunate man that is somehow transformed into a vampire. We witness a downward spiral of terror as Daniel's true personality fades away, leaving only an unquenchable desire for blood.
B.A.D Stories
» Manga » Comedy
Humor Modern Western
A series of monthly short manga/comics that take a unique approach to the world around us.
Rosewind Pass
» Manga » Slice of Life
Friendship Leading Ladies Love Mature Western
A slice-of-life Western about broken people trying to make the best with what they've got. After her life is ripped away from her, Lily moves back to her mother's and struggles to figure out where she fits. Fortunately (and sometimes, unfortunately) she'll always have people around to help her.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
Chans and the Southern Wilds
» WebComic » Action
The Southern Wilds is an unforgiving environment. The heat will cook you, the animals are poisonous, and even the plant life is out to get you. Cassie is an unseasoned outlaw caught in the difficult position of either hunting down her former gang members to hang or being hanged herself. What follows is Cassie's journey through the Wilds, Whether choosing to do the right thing or playing for the...
Chrome Sky
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Cyberpunk Dystopian Mythical Western
On a desolate planet of vast, metallic desert, an outlaw bounty hunter is attacked by a sudden sting of conscience after she and her gang wound and cripple a young boy during their latest robbery. Left for dead in the gun-metal dunes by her treacherous accomplices, the bounty hunter launches a quest of vengeance, justice and redemption. A mythic cyberpunk western fusing dynamic comic book...
Vertical Long-Strip Free
» WebComic » Action
Monsters Mystery Organized Crime Psychological Supernatural / Occult
Lycans have plagued the city of Sonnenritter for hundreds of years, targeted by the task force that protects the city. Daira Faolan, a lycan from the outskirts, joins the task force undercover in hopes of bringing both lycans and humans together to coexist peacefully. Meanwhile, a ominous threat lurks in the shadows. Will Daira and his companions be able to take it on?
Vertical Long-Strip Free
Babann's Treasures
» WebComic » Fantasy
Friendship Magic Military Mystery Psychological
After the end of the Treasures' war era. a new era of peace began between the two neighboring countries, the Kingdom of Elzarna and the empire of Melethay. And the secrets of Babann's treasures were buried in the pages of the past. However, After the generation of peacemakers has gone, a new generation has arisen, with various ambitions and opposing goals. And slowly, the secrets of Babann's...
Pink among Blood Red Roses
» Comic » Action
Anthropomorphic Fighting / Martial Arts Murder Psychological Supernatural / Occult
"Pink among Blood Red Roses" is a story about life's Duality and the pursue of Hope. It tells the journey of Rose, an 18 year old girl, who lives in the small town known as Greenville. A town that is believed to be cursed due to the numerous freak accidents and deaths that plague it. Here, characters will have to confront their past while moving forward toward the ultimate goal, finding happiness.
Code: DY5T0P1A
» Manga » Sci-Fi
Aliens Dystopian Military Mystery Psychological
When massive monsters, Reabers invaded Earth, the rest of the humans had no choice but to move to Mars. To recapture Earth, an operation was conducted where specialized warriors were sent to annihilate the Reabers. That was 10 years ago. Now, following a certain warrior, in addition to Reabers he has found himself a new enemy. Will he survive and will the Earth be saved?
Vertical Long-Strip Free
» Comic » Drama
Family / Pets Friendship Magic Mystery Supernatural / Occult
Marie Chasez is thrown into a wild situation when she becomes the unwitting friend of a jungle of shape-shifting patrons from the mysterious club, "Menagerie". Now she must balance her untameable life whilst wading through a swamp of drama. Updates every second week.
31 Ita/Eng
» Comic » Drama
Faith Mythical Psychological Space / Interdimensional Supernatural / Occult
Some guys get mysterious circles in the chest, what are they? what does all this lead to?
Crown & Anchor
» Graphic Novel » Adventure
Faith Friendship Mythical Robots / Mecha Supernatural / Occult
Updates w/ monthly issues! After accidentally acquiring an ancient relic dating back to the creation of the world, political and spiritual forces pressure seven pirates to quickly restore & reshape Aventus before it returns to ruin.