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Haunted Pixel Studio

Haunted Pixel Studio

» Manga » Adventure
Humor Leading Ladies Magic Monsters Supernatural / Occult
When a young woman named Umbra (who has the soul of a thief trapped in her hair) accepts a contract and unknowingly releases a tyrant from his prison, she and her unwitting companion are thrust into the middle of a war for the very survival of the realm. ( New issue every month! )
The Deadlys™
» Graphic Novel » Slice of Life
Humor Leading Ladies Monsters Mystery Supernatural / Occult
Ever wonder what monsters and ghouls do when they’re not haunting and hunting mortals? As it turns out, they live surprisingly suburban lives. Meet The Deadlys™. There is Jack the serial killer father, Elizabeth the vampire mother and their children. Together with their friends and neighbors they show the side of monsters that mortals rarely get to see.
» Comic » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Magic Monsters Murder
When a high school student becomes bored out of his skull during class, he starts to doodle in his binder. What comes out of his imagination and onto the paper is one of the most savage characters to ever grace a piece of notebook paper – TOR-NOT™.