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InkBushi favorited Tales from the Odditorium 1 month ago
Tales from the Odditorium

Comic - Horror

Welcome to The Odditorium, a museum of the macabre and home for the horrific. Meet Vincent Gheist, a man equal parts antiquarian, rock star, psychopath, and weird uncle as he escorts curious visitors through his strange collection in this horror anthology. Distilled from the essences of H.P. Lovecraft, Tales from the Crypt, Night Gallery, and Twilight Zone, this selection of stories takes the reader on a journey to the weird, the strange, and the...

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Sleepy Hollow

Manga - Horror

A retelling of the classic horror tale, Sleepy Hollow.

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MediBang Inc.

Followers: 37

We translate, localize, and distribute Japanese manga and games for English-speaking audiences.

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Antarctic Press

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FriedRice Comics

Followers: 40

Based out of Canada, FriedRice Comics is comprised of the husband and wife team M & J Wong. Chinese Canadian and First Nations, respectively.

Crimson Bride: Oracle of Blood

Manga - Adventure

A cursed swords-woman travels the land seeking revenge against the evil warlock that turned her wedding day into a bloodbath and the evil conspiracy behind it.

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Most Hunted Monster

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Creator of 'Jovians'

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Revelation Comics

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Revelation Comics is an imprint of the comic book creative team Omen Comics founded by writers Michael Nunneley & Steve Sellers. All comics are drawn/colored by Revelation Comics writer Tosin Awosika. Our titles have a broad range of genres from all-ages superhero comics, fantasy, war stories, horror, mythology, sci-fi & conspiracy.

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Genji Otori

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Art Crumbs

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~ Creator of the Godsbane and Onami ~ Community Staff here on GlobalComix

InkBushi favorited Boy of Escremii 3 months ago
Boy of Escremii

Manga - Adventure

Following the tragic slaughtering of his entire family, young Boytashi Maru swears an oath to devote himself to the life of a knight, ensuring that peace is kept in the world. But first, Boy must be able to prove himself worthy by passing the squire selections exam. Throughout his journeys Boy will learn what it truly means to be a knight, as well as uncover the truth about his families death.

InkBushi favorited Zealot 4 months ago

Manga - Adventure

Trying to bring peace and love in a world full of war and conflict, Kereth, as mercenary, will be confronted to some difficulties...

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New page of Zealot every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday !

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Escremii Verse

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Hi, my name is Michael Macchiagodena and I am currently working on my own manga titles Boy of Escremii. This project is very personal to me as I have been working on this story for as long as I can remember, and it means the world that now after all this time I am finally able to work on it and publish it. Hope you enjoy my writing and art work! I'd love to answer any questions or comments! :)

InkBushi favorited Riven 4 months ago

Comic - Fantasy

Seven young adults struggle to navigate their way through the great war that rages across numerous countries while trying to keep their hopes for the future alive. Joining them on their journey is an ex-pirate turned nobleman, a greedy rat, a mischievous elemental, and an exuberant wingless dragon.