Seeking Illustrator/Artist for short 6-8 page stories

I am searching for a comic book illustrator/inker to come on board my project and be a co-creator. I am trying to gain interest in my ideas/projects, I.P.s. As well as gain experience and build connections with talented artists.

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Published: Aug 18, 2021

Seeking People

Status: Open

Approx 6 pages

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Custom One-Off Art

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Character Design

Crowdfunding Campaign

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Artist ($100.00 - $400.00 Flat Rate)


The project is called El Brojo or just (Brojo), still deciding. I'm trying to find a latino or indigenous co-creator who wants to take on the project in order to build interest for it, maybe apply for grants, and pitch it to publishers. If nothing else just to build work experience and better both of our skills.

I've already had some artwork done by a previous artists (see attachments below), the characters will need to be redesigned to fit the new direction of the story as well as fit the new artist's style and preferences. We will start by doing a 6 page short story as a test with the possibility of doing more shorts, or a one-shot, or series. My hope is with the short comic we can garner interest from a publisher or literary agent and gain funding for a longer series of issues or YA graphic novels series.

I am a public librarian and former comic book store manager so I have a few connections in both markets. I can fund the production of the short, I'm willing to pay an artist $100-$400 work for hire, for the first short comic. If they are willing to take a chance on the idea and work for $100 or less I'm willing to share 50% ownership of the property and 50% of any profits we make beyond the initial production costs. (so if you charge $100 we'd have to make over $100 in order to start splitting profits if that makes sense). 

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Teenagers (13-18)


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