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Colorist - Inking Portfolio: Name: Jack Gutmann Rates depending highly on the complexity of the task.

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Published: Aug 20, 2021

For Hire

Status: Open

Production Output

Custom One-Off Art

Single Comic Issue

Multiple Comic Issues


Skills and Rates

Colorist ($468.00 - $1,558.00 Flat Rate)

Inker ($357.00 - $985.00 Flat Rate)


Jack Gutmann aka (Deohvi): Professional Colorist
Birthdate: 1996.03.19
Place of Residence: Austria

I work as a freelance colorist for different industries. My work includes creating linearts, inking, base colors, creating fitting color palates, shading, and adding last touches on illustrations.

Services included:
Inking & Linearts
Mood boards

Adobe Photoshop: 8 years experience
Adobe Illustrator: 5 years experience
Procreate: 4 Years experience

Rates depending highly on the complexity of the task.

My Preferred Art Output


Kids (3-12) Teenagers (13-18)


Fighting / Martial Arts Superhero Supernatural / Occult

Art Style

Manga / Manwha Painted Realistic Simplistic

My Skills & Experience

Arabic German English

Artist (4 years experience)

Professional Career Skill Produced Licensed Work

 I work full-time in the games industry as a general artist and I also do freelance work part-time colorist. 

Colorist (11 years experience)

Primary Skill/Role Published Self-Owned Work

I started with coloring at a very young age, it was my entry into the art world. Coloring was always a good base to develop my skills further and build an audience. I was and still am passionate about it. I carry 11 years of experience as a colorist. 

Inker (10 years experience)

Published Self-Owned Work

Next to improving as a  colorist, I had to learn how to ink to create clean linearts to color for more detailed work and a higher resolution. Just like coloring I also started at young age with inking.