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Hi, my name is Zak! I draw the comic JETX online on Tapas and Globalcomix. I am looking to post a for-hire thing here to see if anyone wants me to draw comics for them.

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Published: Aug 22, 2021

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Hello, I'm Zak.

I'm a comic creator with over 15 years experience across a wide range of skills ranging from illustration and inking through to coloring, writing, editing and final design.

Over the years I've really been able to hone my craft and skills through constantly obsessing with finding the right story to tell to my audiences with all my creative work. I have a pretty successful self published webcomic with thousands of readers worldwide.

I've been frequently complimented on how I've taken the to the max by combining traditional designs with both manual and computer assisted colors and filters, really creating emphasis and immersion in the readers.

I'm available for commission, and my rates generally start around $80 per page with an additional $50 for complete coloring and effects.

My Preferred Art Output


Teenagers (13-18) Adults (18+)


Aliens Computers / Video games Fighting / Martial Arts Magic Military Monsters Post-apocalyptic Robots / Mecha Space / Interdimensional Steam / Cyber punk Superhero Supernatural / Occult

Art Style

Simplistic Toon Western Comics

My Skills & Experience


Artist (15 years experience)

Primary Skill/Role Published Self-Owned Work

Drawing self-published comic strips. Check out my webcomic JETX! As I have done everything on that and had multiple revisions over the coarse of this timeline.

Colorist (3 years experience)

Published Self-Owned Work

Cover Artist (less than one year experience)

Published Self-Owned Work

Illustrator (15 years experience)

Published Self-Owned Work

Inker (15 years experience)

Published Self-Owned Work

Penciler (5 years experience)

Published Self-Owned Work

Writer (5 years experience)

Published Self-Owned Work

Writing comics for awhile now. JETX being my primary one. I am currently working on a few other short stories as well. Hope you get to see them soon!