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Comics Sci-Fi

Suddenly I Became a Ninja Master

Anthropomorphic Family / Pets Faith Fighting / Martial Arts Leading Ladies Teenagers (13-18)
Adults (18+)
action dystopian fantasy tragedy
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6 pages (FREE)
8: Chapter 6: The Calm Before the Storm (2)
9 views • Aug 01, 2022
Stone sees a poster of a wanted criminal, he feels like he's seen them before but can't place where. Cinnamon, Sai, and Mai make their way toward the location Mai can sense and they meet Stone. Mai senses something unusual about Stone.
14 pages (FREE)
7: Chapter 5: The Calm Before the Storm (1)
5 views • Jul 18, 2022
A secret meeting foretelling the tragedy ready to take place. Two girls make their way to wonderful stalls and meet their teacher. If only the fun times could last forever...
16 pages (FREE)
Read Suddenly I Became a Ninja Master  6 Page 1 in English
6: Extra 1: Characters (1)
0 views • Jul 11, 2022
Here are the character sheets + some extra illustrations I did while I was working on chapters! You can find the images on deviantart to download if you like them as wallpaper!
16 pages (FREE)
5: Chapter 4: The Gears Begin to Move
0 views • Jul 04, 2022
Stone finishes his look back at why he come to Haven City and that he doesn't want to give reason for his father to execute him. Cinnamon, Sai and Mai talk about the new mission given to them from Louisa and Louisa complains about a wanted scientist who should be behind bars.
14 pages (FREE)
4: Chapter 3: The Weak Walk A Path Alone
17 views • Jun 27, 2022
The next mission has already been decided, Cocoa and Ann talk about the mana injection, and a new character recounts his reason for being in the city.
14 pages (FREE)
3: Chapter 2: Just A Game of Waiting
15 views • Jun 18, 2022
The city is filled with secrets, but sometimes you just have to ignore it.
14 pages (FREE)
2: Chapter 1: Where My Story Begins
52 views • Jun 13, 2022
It's Cocoa's 18th birthday but her sister is busy with work. The gears begin to turn.
5 pages (FREE)
1: Prologue
88 views • Jun 06, 2022
That day, changed everything for me and the people I care about. If I hadn't gone through that detour...none of this would have happened. Let me tell you my story.

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