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Release #1 - Onami (Oneshot)

49 pages (FREE)
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1: Onami (Oneshot)
23.2K views • Sep 02, 2020
Pon, a clay figure is made human as an offering to the gods. It doesn't go as planned and he is cast to the bottom. A wandering spirit named "Ohma" finds him and assists in helping him back to the surface. Things go wrong yet again for poor Pon, and he has to fight for survival once again at the bottom of the ocean while keeping hope that one day he can return to the surface.

Christopher admin 2 years ago

This is seriously awesome! Folks need to read this!


EricTapper admin 2 years ago

Agreed ^


ArtCrumbs admin 2 years ago

Thank you everyone!


cimq supporter 10 months ago

that was really good!


ArtCrumbs admin 10 months ago

@cimq Thanks! It's an older work, but it was my first real try at manga. I'm glad you liked it!


ChrispyWin 5 months ago

Sheesh, this is baller :fire: :fire:


Sarah-Lane 4 months ago

I really enjoyed this short story! Well done!!


ArtCrumbs admin 4 months ago

@ChrispyWin Thank you very much.


ArtCrumbs admin 4 months ago

@Sarah-Lane Thanks! There's more where that came from. Lol