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Changeling: An Urban Fairy Tale
» Comic » Fantasy
Faith Friendship Leading Ladies Magic Mythical
Maeve MacKenzie isn't an ordinary girl from Aberdeen, Washington. Living with social anxiety for most of her childhood, Maeve has struggled to find her place among her peers while her parents struggle to raise a child they at times don’t understand. Is there something different about Maeve?
Fallen Star
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Faith Friendship Love Science Space / Interdimensional
Aurora Palmer is a rebellious teen girl with a mysterious past and unpredictable powers she cannot control. When these powers threaten to expose her, she must uncover her true origins before they are destroyed forever! Artwork by Leo Cordeiro, Carlos Eduardo, Mohan Sivakami, and Wilson Ramos, Jr. Adapted from the screenplay by James Watson and Charlotte Stauffer.
A Christmas Carol
» Graphic Novel » Horror
Family / Pets Faith Supernatural / Occult
From Stephen L. Stern, writer of Markosia’s masterful Beowulf Graphic Novel, and acclaimed artist Douglas A. Sirois, comes this superb full-color adaptation of Dickens’ timeless classic. Sacrificing none of Dickens’ rich language and filled with cinematic artwork, A Christmas Carol is a wonderfully faithful adaptation of the quintessential Christmas story.
» Comic » Action
Anthropomorphic Faith Fighting / Martial Arts
Once a soldier in the army of Lord Christopher, the human/tiger hybrid archer known as Quiver defected and instead became a soldier for Jesus Christ!
Adobe Kroger: Dame Commander
» Comic » Action
Faith Monsters Mythical Supernatural / Occult
The Year is 2012. Magic exists, but its use is strictly regulated by an ancient order of Holy Knights called The Order of the Carolingian Cross. For the past 1200 years they have waged their battle from the shadows. Young Adobe Kroger, one the order's newest recruits, must confront demons both within and without to defend the innocent from evil.
» Manga » Sci-Fi
Faith Military
The joint forces of Khokhriir and Pelishte have invaded Systemeio, the country said to be the land where the Gods oversee the affairs of the peoples of the world. Pelishte's king, Allaxoun Meyde, has particular interest in the captured Mousaians.
Book of Ruth
» Graphic Novel » History
Faith Friendship Leading Ladies Love
Widowed as a young woman, Ruth leaves behind everything she knows and follow her bereaved mother-in-law to Bethlehem. While Naomi rails against God for his seeming abandonment of her family, Ruth holds only a quiet, and sincere faith that God has a plan. It is her courage and unwavering faith that shine like a beacon for all who feel lost, especially a retired soldier turned farmer named Boaz.
An Unfamiliar Path
» Graphic Novel » Non-Fiction
Family / Pets Faith
» Graphic Novel » Horror
Faith Medical Mythical
The Catholic Church arms its military leader, Jean De Moray, with the Bubonic Plague to exterminate the last remaining fey in Europe. But when a caring English friar teams up with a wounded fairy and the brash, young King of the Fey, the Church’s plans get derailed and the true horror of the Black Death is revealed.
Found Faith
» Graphic Novel » Teen
Family / Pets Faith
Teen Sees a ghost.
Marx: A Tale of Neglect
» Graphic Novel » History
Family / Pets Faith Military Political
Onrie must embark on the difficult task of unraveling his grandfather's dark past before his story is lost forever. MARX is the epic and inspiring story of a Russian Jewish man, born during the rise of the Soviet Union, thrust into war against Nazi Germany and persecuted by his own government. A man who miraculously survived events that claimed the lives of millions.
Tales of Heaven
» Manga » Romance
Faith Fighting / Martial Arts LGBTQ+ Supernatural / Occult
A story of god and his angels.
The Lone and Level Sands (2009)
» Graphic Novel » History
Faith Mythical Political
Pharaoh Ramses II hasn't seen his long-lost cousin Moses in nearly forty years. Yet while pressed by the Hittites to the North and construction delays in the South, Ramses must make time for this ancient desert rascal, the long-ago mystery he represents, and the impossible demands of an alien deity. by A. David Lewis, Marvin Perry Mann, and Jennifer Rodgers.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
Tyrant Twin
» Manga » Psychological Fiction
Faith LGBTQ+ Political Psychological
In the heart of a half-drowned city, a monk and an archivist learn that a single name is enough for them both.
» Manga » Action
Faith Leading Ladies Magic Military
The eastanan kingdom were known to be the home of strong samurai warrior. They, had a formidable power in exchange they were cursed to be lived forever. For centuries they had succeded protecting the east kingdom from the west kingdom. one day they vanished the west finally colonized the east and the samurai were forgotten. Few years later a girl named champa suddenly found the samurai, they began
The Anointed 7
» Comic » Action
Faith Post-apocalyptic Superhero
In a fallen world ruled by a false prophet, God raises up an army of 7 to defend the faith!
Kingdom Comics Presents
» Comic » Action
Faith Post-apocalyptic Superhero
A showcase of short stories from Kingdom Comics
» Comic » Adventure