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Release #1 - Band of Bloody Bastards!

13 pages (FREE)
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1: Band of Bloody Bastards!
30 views • Nov 18, 2022
One man's down! But he's no enemy right?! The members of this small unit of the Urban Brigades ain't worrying that much about it (to say the least)... He's just part of some stats now after all! And even if something's still odd, even if the sub-officer of the squad ain't buying his comrades' usual bullshits, what can he trully do about it then?!

Tacito2313 2 weeks ago (edited 2 weeks ago)

Hi! It's Tacito here : i'm the creator of this humble webcomic! And so, i have the pleasure to bring you this science-fiction "dystopian-ish" title (with some post-apocalyptic touch later on) simply called "Bloody Bastard". I already released the current version (at least in english) on Tapas and Webtoon!
And i plan to publish one chapter a week 'till the end of what i already got so far (about three issues, the third one being still ongoing)...

Hope you like it!