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comic writer.

u7 favorited Abnormal Alliance 9 months ago
Abnormal Alliance

Comic - Comedy

Deeply flawed beings with superpowers, saving the world for selfish or messed up reasons... What could go wrong? A parody of superhero media from a place of love. Featuring character arcs and a story of love between a clueless guy and a princess from Hell. This comic's got it all, baby!

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David Aragón

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Daydreaming, drawing and making fun of stuff, those are my best skills so that's why comics must be my way of life...

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Grok & Grok

Comic - Fantasy

The adventures of Grok and Grok, two little g̶o̶b̶l̶i̶n̶s o̶r̶c̶s goblorcs who live in a cave under a treestump.

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Dr Scrubb

Comic - Gag-a-day

Here’s a gag comic starring Dr Scrubb, the greatest supervillain of all time Or so he thinks

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Comic - Action

Fallon Abott is a young inventor in a strange world. He seeks the tutelage of a great hero to right the wrongs o this brave new world.

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Toonscape Comics

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