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Monster Me: No Fair

Comic - Kids

This 3-issue edition includes All Phone & Games, Body Chemistry and Newmon. Join in on the adventure as Newmon and his fellow classmates experience cyberbullying, learn about nutrition and tackle bullying together.

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Monster Me: Lion Queen

Comic - Kids

LeMon's adventure has her testing out the goods of 3 LIONS. But what will happen when those 3 lions find out a MONSTER has been messing with their stuff?

Monster Me: All Phone and Games

Comic - Kids

Cyberbullying is now all too common in the classroom and in our daily lives. Follow the adventures of Newmon and his fellow classmates as they create "doh" creations and take photos on their cellphones with questionable intentions.

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Monster Me: Newmon

Comic - Kids

Don't be a bully! Follow the adventures of Newmon as he interacts with his classmates Sky & Izumi, who ultimately teach valuable lessons on friendship and sharing.

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Monster Me: Body Chemistry

Comic - Kids

Learn about nutrition and sugar through comics! Follow the adventures of Midori and Perla, a Cookie Monster and a few friends as they go on an adventure to discover why Perla still feels hungry after eating a big meal.

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Monster Me: Monster Maker

Comic - Kids

Newmon's magical "pend" draws ANYTHING - including any toy or product he could ever want. But after he owns EVERYTHING, does he really have it all?

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Artist Writers & Artisan's iPOP! imprint Monster Me provides meaningful stories and lessons packaged in a bright, fun and humor-filled world that kids will gravitate toward. The stories were created to entertain elementary school kids and educate them with respect to important issues from bullying and cyberbullying to racism and nutrition. Enter our kid's drawing contest:!