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Team Diamant Comics

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Singular name for a art partnership. We make comics!

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Artist and creator of "Light of Aluedel" I enjoy reading and creating webcomics just about as much as I love tea - which is a lot!!!

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Light of Aluedel

Graphic Novel - Drama

Faron's strange condition gives him miraculous abilities but leaves him to suffer in pain and illness. His only hope for treatment will take him across the world in search of the mysterious land of Aluedel. But it seems someone is searching for him as well. (UPDATES EVERY OTHER THURSDAY)

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Lost Between Worlds

Graphic Novel - Thriller

A story of Grim reapers trying to restore balance both to the world of the living, and the world of the dead. Can they do it in only 24 hours, is the question…

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My name is Birdy, and I'm a digital artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I work primarily using the art program Procreate, and I enjoy creating a visual style that evokes classic paintings, old photographs, and old advertisements from as far back as the early 1900s, to as recently as the 1980s and 90s. I also have a particular interest in clothing design and historical fashion, as it pertains to

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WebComic - Sci-Fi

The solar system is ruled by CORNELLO - an omnipresent organization dedicated to forwarding human progress. 229 years of relative peace and prosperity are on the line when Angel uncovers a dark tangent to CORNELLO's greatest invention. As she sets out to expose the organization's wrongs, the lives of unsuspecting citizens are inadvertently put in peril.

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Manga - Horror

Fairies, pixies, selkies… Ireland's myths are awe-inspiring. …Unless they're trying to kill you. ​When Fionn and his family are suddenly targeted by these creatures, they are struck by everything but awe.

Maru Kiru Destroy the Moon

Comic - Fantasy

An angry warrior woman wants to blow up the Moon, and battles the deadly cult who serves the evil god that lives there.

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Art Crumbs

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~ Creator of the Godsbane and Onami ~ Community Staff here on GlobalComix

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The Omniverse of A.P. Delchi

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The Omniverse is a collection of smaller universes that are all in one way or another linked with the universe in which A.P. Delchi exists. The collection of stories, modern mythology and other bits are waiting for you to dive in and explore. Welcome!

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Graphic Novel - Fantasy

Based on Finnish mythology, Noiduttu ( Spellbound ) tells the tale of David Waters, an NYU grad student who has chosen a long since forgotten mythological story as his thesis. Little does he know that this choice has opened a door to a world of mythology that lives with us every day. Before he can blink he finds himself in the middle of an adventure of a lifetime.

fulcruminthevoid replied in General Discussion 5 months ago

re: How Invested Are You In GlobalComix?

1. Not yet, still too focused on updating to have read much yet.
2. Once my readership stabilizes, and I maybe make enough donations to invest back in, yes. Especially Creator Pro.
3. ^
4. It will influence me. I'll have to decide how much I like the series and how much the updates are worth to me!

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Star Boy

Comic - Action

A coming of age story about a young man named Mickey Diamond. A young hero-in-training who wants to strive for the top for fame and validation! His whole life has been leading up to being part of MADL's top hero team! But what if there's more to 'justice' than being a world-saving superhero?

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RM Productions

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Just some optimistic cartoonist that wants to make something new. (And you can't stop me) Creator of series like RANDOM! the Comic and Tamashi.

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Tears of a Dragon

Comic - Fantasy

Stories following the hardships, adventures, and lives of an endangered race of dragon shapeshifters. How will they cope and survive in a world that has decided it doesn't want them?

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Yellow Lion

WebComic - Adventure

When a judgmental noble boy is seemingly randomly made the emperor of a land he's never even been to, he already suspects things will not be as they seem. But between the potential power struggle with the former crown prince, a quest to retrieve a magical bottle of rum, and not to mention the culture shock, his fake smile can only get him so far.

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Comic - Sci-Fi

Bioprecipitation has claimed the world. The sun has become a dream and water floods the land. Yet, people adapt and life goes on. Technology has solved the inconveniences of nature and artificial light is the norm. But the truth is ignored. And the rain never ends.

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Hey, I'm Smoke! I'm a horror, mystery and fantasy comic writer and artist! My current project is 'The Commune'- a psychological horror about a cult led by mosquito man Anopheles.

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Creator of Division 5. I like to draw a fancy hat scientist and a badass huntress doing questionable things together.

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✨Artist & Creator of S.I.N ✨Draws comics about murder and madness ✨Pretty sure I was a Hobbit once upon a time