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Broken Icon Comics

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BIC specializes in horror titles with deep characters and rad beasties from cover to cover.

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Mad Cave Studios

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Established in 2014, Mad Cave Studios is a comic book publisher headquartered in Miami, Florida committed to creativity and driven by madness. With a diverse selection of books across multiple genres, Mad Cave Studios has a comic book for everyone.

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GlobalComix Originals

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Top Cow

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We Create... Comics. Home of Witchblade, Death Vigil, Aphrodite IX, Think Tank, Eclipse, The Tithe, Postal and more.

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Markosia Enterprises

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Markosia was established in 2005 and has become one of the UK’s leading publishers of graphic novels. Based in London, we have gained a reputation for producing a diverse range of comic books and graphic novels that cover almost all genres.

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Serpent Wars

Graphic Novel - Action

This original Graphic Novel is set in the mid-1800’s where a young scientist smuggles himself aboard the war ship of a British Lord bound for South America only to discover a land filled with serpent gods destined to rule mankind. With the aid of a spiritual goddess the brave adventurer must battle to free the island and humanity from the tyranny of these giant creatures.

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The Chili

Graphic Novel - Adventure

Like many comic book fans, young Mike Alvarez dreams of one day drawing his favorite heroes and working with legends like Stan 'The Man' Lee. Those dreams change rapidly when Mike accidentally illustrates the blank pages of a magical compendium, thus transforming him into the mighty Chili!

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215 Ink

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Indie comic book publisher, friend to new and experienced writers, artists, creators.