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Comic artist seeking work.

Hello my name is Casper Brenneche and i'm a danish comic artist with two self published comics on GlobalComix. Experienced with horror and adult themed comic, but aren't afraid to take on other genres.

Listing Details

Published: Oct 25, 2022

For Hire Mature Content Accepted

Status: Open

Production Output

Single Comic Issue

Multiple Comic Issues


Skills and Rates

Artist ($67.00 - $130.00 Per Page)


I draw digitally using adobe Photoshop as my tool.
Depending on the comic pages content a comic page can take between 3-5 days to be sketched, drawn and colored.
You can see my art style and skills in the attached images and comic pages.

Note: I'm still a noob when it comes to coloring and I have no experience working on comics for print. I will recommend seeking out a colorist if you intent on making a comic for print.

Social media.

My Preferred Art Output


Teenagers (13-18) Adults (18+)


Aliens Cyberpunk Dystopian Family / Pets Friendship Gore Humor Holiday Leading Ladies LGBTQ+ Love Magic Mature Military Monsters Murder Mystery Mythical Organized Crime Post-apocalyptic Robots / Mecha School Science Space / Interdimensional Steampunk Superhero Supernatural / Occult Western

Art Style

Simplistic Western Comics

My Skills & Experience

Danish English

Artist (2 years experience)

Primary Skill/Role Published Self-Owned Work