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Comic Artist looking for Work

Hello! My name is Javiera Argandoña and I'm a Professional Comic Artist looking for work. (Working since 2017 with independent clients)

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Published: Nov 2, 2022

For Hire

Status: Open

Production Output

Single Comic Issue

Multiple Comic Issues


Character Design

Crowdfunding Campaign

Skills and Rates

Artist ($85.00 - $130.00 Per Page)

Cover Artist ($180.00 - $250.00 Per Page)

Illustrator ($80.00 - $300.00 Per Page)


Hi everyone! My name is Javiera Argandoña and I'm a comic artist from Chile looking for new comicbook projects. I also do Character Designs and Covers

My COMIC PAGES rates are:
-85 USD pencils and inks
-100 USD with gray tones
-130 USD with colors

COVERS: 180USD (Pencils and inks) / 250USD (With Color)

CHARACTER DESIGNS: 80USD (Pencils and inks) / 130USD (With Color)

I'll leave some samples below. You can check my other social networks here to see more Rates, Comic Pages, Illustrations and Character Designs:

Online portfolio

And you can also read my own Comic "White Eden" here:


So if you have something in mind, don't hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for reading! And have a nice day!

My Preferred Art Output


Teenagers (13-18) Adults (18+)


Aliens Computers / Video games Cyberpunk Dystopian Family / Pets Fighting / Martial Arts Friendship Leading Ladies LGBTQ+ Love Magic Modern Monsters Mystery Organized Crime Post-apocalyptic Psychological Robots / Mecha School Space / Interdimensional Steampunk Superhero Supernatural / Occult

Art Style

My Skills & Experience

English Spanish

Artist (5 years experience)

Primary Skill/Role Professional Career Skill Published Self-Owned Work

I've been working since 2017 with independent clients.

Also I am currently publishing my author-comic "White Eden" on Tapas and Webtoon

Cover Artist (2 years experience)

Professional Career Skill Published Self-Owned Work

Illustrator (4 years experience)

Professional Career Skill Published Self-Owned Work

Including experience as Character Designer