October Features: Halloween #8 - The Monster Mash!

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Oct 30, 2020

Here we are my dear friends, All Hallow's Eve will be upon us soon and so, in celebration we are taking a blast to the past. For Feature #1, we took a look at beasts, ghosts, and monsters. This day, we'll go back to take a look at even more creepsters! From cute, wholesome monster love to vicious and nightmarish beasts, enjoy our conclusion to our Halloween Features, The Monster Mash!

Check out these 5 excellent titles and consider sharing them to spread the love, and support your favorite creators.

1. Gentleman Cthulu, Dark Fire Press, (cc/ @jmdarkfire)

Cthulu, the master of horror and monsters, our Lovecraftian friend returns again in a light hearted collection of short strips. This rather dashing gentleman offers his just perfectly scrumptious advice to those of all creeds, from the first day of school, to a prim, very hungry werewolf making a stellar first impression, to eating the freshest of brains like a proper man, he's Gentleman Cthulu and has advice for every situation! I say! Thank you for your advice good sir, we will all enjoy it thusly! Read on dear friends!

Story and Art by J. M. DeSantis

2. Monsters and Other Scary Sh*t, Wannabe Press, (cc/ @wannabepress)

Big ones, small ones, cute ones, scary ones, monsters of all sizes are here! This epic series of anthology stories is a massive 224 pages of awesome! Grab your Halloween candy and settle in with a hot drink and enjoy the binge. At least this one won't give you a bellyache like the candy will. This comic is just as SWEET and we loved it, so we know you will too!

Written, Illustrated and otherwise completed by many wonderfully amazing people!

3. Frankenbabe, 215 Ink, (cc/ @215Ink)

Frankenbabe is busy fighting all of Transylvannia's bad guys, at least when she isn't getting stitched back together. Having been an adult dancer in past life, AND having sold her soul to the devil, she's got a full plate! Now, "Mr. Sinn" is causing all kinds of undead trouble and it's up to her and her doctor to save Transylvannia! On top of the fun and action packed story, artwork is totally unique and colorful! Definitely a must read!

Written by Mathew Johnson
Art and Letters by Joe Badon

4. The Horror Show, Broken Icon Comics, (cc/ @BIC)

Two friends head out to a cabin in the woods for a relaxing weekend. Things are not as they seem and SOMEONE does not appreciate them being there, and it's lurking in those woods. When the fake nightmare becomes real, a dark curse is unveiled and things are about to get super complicated. The lead and blood is gonna fly in this one, so revel in the chaos. Let the reading begin!

Written by James Maddox
Art by Todd Beistel

5. The Son of We Love Monsters , Concept Comics and Film, (cc/ @jordolis)

A collection of short stories featuring our favorite monsters! This Anthology covers all sorts of horror artists with short stories and plenty of scare to go around. Please be sure to check out all the hard work and varying styles for all these amazing stories.

Written, Illustrated and many wonderfully amazing people! Fantastic work and praise to all creators involved!

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Do you really love one of these titles? Have any suggestions for future features? Let us know with a comment below and don't forget to tell the creators how amazing their creations are! We'll be back next week, with a brand new list of features for you! Thank you all so much for your support of all our creators and TO our creators for making all these beautiful stories for us to enjoy.

Until next time, have a spook-tacular Hallow's Eve!

-Team GC