October Features: Halloween #7 - Nightmares and Curses

AhkwardKat Featured Comics • Oct 26, 2020

The final stretch of Halloween is here! Let's start the week with some dark and scary stuff: Nightmares and Curses are nothing to be messed with! Some people bring these nasty events on themselves, some are truly innocent, lots of tragic and gruesome stories this week, enjoy

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1. Monkey Paw, Rocket Ink Studios, (cc/ @Rocketinkstudios )

The infamous Monkey's Paw, it'll grant your wishes, but usually at a terrible price. In this twisted tale, a young orphan gets his hands on this paw, but I wonder if Denny can avoid its curse? Not many, if any, before him have ever succeeded in cheating fate, but there is a first for everything. We'll have to read and find out!

Written by Landon Falukner and Nichi Hawkins
Pencils and inks by N. J. Valente
Letters by Micha Myers
Cover by Brian Coughlan
Edited by Stefani Manard

2. Blake Undying, Digital Fiasco, (cc/ @BlakeUndying)

Blake doesn't really want to live anymore, and goes through a series of trial and error. He can't seem to stay dead! He reaches out to his doctor, but gets no answers. Finally, he realizes it might be useful after beating up some robbers at a convenience store. Maybe being a super healer isn't a curse after all?

**Please note this story has strong themes of suicide and self harm. Please do not read if you are sensitive to this material.**

Writer and creator: Jason Cook
Artist: Ezequiel Rubio
Additional Colors: Jovanna Plata
Letterer: Nikki Sherman
Cover: Ezequiel Rubio

3. Purgatory, Don Juan Mancha The Person, (cc/ @DunneManchez)

Ryan, a Schizophrenic stuck in limbo, gets dragged into a messy situation. A young girl is running away from two men, and she asks for his help. He denies and leaves, spending time with his friends and waiting for his next refill of meds. However, this little girl is insistent, yet no fragile wallflower herself. What is up with this girl that's been in limbo for hundreds of years? Where are all these circles coming from? Why is a circle on Ryan's hand talking to him?! This is a cute type of nightmare fuel, so read on to get the answers and rest at peace once again.

By Don Juan Mancha III and Anubi Sazp

4. The Light Princess, Cave Pictures Publishing, (cc/ @mandi)

In this kingdom, the princess is a little unusual. Cursed upon her christening, she floats! Meeting a prince from a far away land, they find enjoyment in swimming with their new friend, but once the lake starts to dry up... something must be done. How will they get their water back? Can her own curse ever be broken? Will this series of curses have a happy ending?

Adapted by Meredith Finch
Pencils by Renae De Liz
Inks, Colors and Letters by Ray Dillon
Based on the Book by George MacDonald
Edited by Shahriar Fouladi
Cover art by Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon

5. Ritual, Markosia Enterprises, (cc/ @Markosia)

After uncovering a corpse in a wall, people are ending up dead all over the city. They all seem linked and it's up to the police to solve this mystery and save the town. However even the police aren't safe and this evil curse has a very long and OLD history in this town. Best of luck to them, their gonna need it! Stay safe and keep an eye out when reading this bloody nightmare!

Story by Andy Briggs and Steve Horvath
Art by Shawn Mccauley
Letters by Thomas Mauer and Ian Sharman
Cover by Sean Mccauley

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