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Popular Last Week: Vertical Scroll Horror

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Oct 31, 2022

Familiar scares, new format! A world full of monsters, a vampire-college student mystery, campfire stories gone rogue, deceitful Victorian businessmen, a bizarre love letter, and a mysterious medium. We've got the scares, now give 'em the reads on today's Popular Last Week, featuring:

Silently, 141 pages - Published by Hugi, (cc/ @Hugi)

Two woman struggle to survive in a strange monster filled world.

Story and Art by Hugi



Those Who Sleep, 23 pages - Published by Yokani, (cc/ @Yokani)

She's a college student. He's a powerful vampire. A bizarre twist of fate has brought these two friends together. Now the pair must begin to unravel the mysteries and secrets that all begin to reveal themselves with a gruesome discovery on her first day of college. Originally posted to Webtoon canvas, this page will update weekly until it catches up to the current releases! Please Note: this series changes from traditional format, to scroll after a few chapters

Story and Art by Yokani



Hexameron, 155 pages - Published by Kel & Dark Comics, (cc/ @Kelheor)

You thought the campfire legends were not real? Well, you were wrong! -- Story by Darkstrong | Art by Kelheor

Story and Art by Kel & Dark Comics



Cheapjack Gentlemen, 567 pages - Published by Miss Fester, (cc/ @MissFester)

Set in a rural village during the mid-victorian era, a crafty quack doctor and a somber undertaker become mismatched partners in crime, selling cadavers to a medical school ⁠— however, certain decisions and personal differences create issues in their business.

Story and Art by Miss Fester



Love Letter, 114 pages - Published by Bevs Boredom, (cc/ @Bevscomics)

Instead of just gushing over the main character to the next rom-com movie, Inesa has finally decided to take romance into her own hands. What's more romantic than writing a letter confessing your love to your crush? All she has to do is make it to her last class of the day, how hard can that be?

Story and Art by Bevs Boredom



Spook, 107 pages - Published by Sari Spooks, (cc/ @Sarispooks)

Spook is a supernatural Horror/Romance Following the life of Charlie, a young girl who has the capability to interact with the side of the dead as if the living. She quickly befriends her neighbors, one a boy who hides his own demonic secrets and the other a lonely dapper specter who is way into the dramatic. All is well till Charlie makes a contract. I will warn you I have horrible spelling in the beginning.

Story and Art by Sari Spooks