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Most Popular of 2021: Drama

ArtCrumbs Featured Comics • Dec 30, 2021

Down to the wire! Only one day away from revealing the Most Popular of 2021 for all of GlobalComix! Road trips, friendships, rivalries, and destinies take control of this list all about Drama! There's always something dramatic going on in the lives of those around us, and these comics are no different!

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And now, the 12 most popular Drama comics and manga of 2021, sorted in order of popularity:


1. The Unlucky Ones and the Edge of Nowhere, 79 pages - Published by Nicky Rodriguez, (cc/ @nrodriguez)

Lúcio and Sonia are two East Bay college graduates who, after struggling to control destructive powers they’ve suddenly gained, decide to leave their lives behind. After crossing paths in a sleepy diner, they embark on a winding road trip across the western United States with a friendship born out of uncertainty and hope for a new beginning, all the while trying to outrun their mortality.

Story and Art by Nicky Rodriguez

2. Rechargeable, 224 pages - Published by Bilvy Jay Lee, (cc/ @bilvyy)

It's the year 2100 in New Portland, Australia. The Immortals are a reckless street gang trying to corner the market on illegal but highly advanced prosthetic technology known as CHIPs.

Story and Art by Bilvy Jay Lee

3. Things People Dream About, 62 pages - Published by Tamás Baranya, (cc/ @TamasBaranya)

Story of a nurse called Karen Baker, who tries to get her life in order after a suicide attempt. The people who she meets along the way don't make it any easier.

Story and Art by Tamás Baranya

4. Matching Our Answers, 281 pages - Published by MediBang Inc., (cc/ @MediBang)

On that night he was driven out to the street, Ritsuya met his eternal admiration, Mayato. It was just a short meeting, but these two boys in pain finally found the best comfort on each other, sealing their bond for the years after. But, how would they survive in the world of irresponsible adults?

Story and Art by Hikaru Murayoshi

5. Beneath the Parabola, 24 pages - Published by The Word Punk, (cc/ @thewordpunk)

The rise and fall of Persisto, a quiet man who discovers within him a profound violence—a violence that leads to his unraveling.

Story and Art by The Word Punk

6. Loren of Martyrdom, 143 pages - Published by WagaComix, (cc/ @WagaComix)

Loren of Martyrdom is set in La Styre Desert, a remote and desolate area away from the bustling metropolis. An area blasted with ferocious sandstorms, and intense heat waves, scorched sand extends as far as the eye can see. Whatever flora may be stubborn enough to exist, is nothing but a withered and brittle form of life.

Story and Art by WagaComix

7. Boat, 171 pages - Published by BHP Comics, (cc/ @bhpcomics)

The water came and the cities fell. They were alone. The world is covered with water, Charlie is restricted to his boat searching for a home he may never find. Plagued by memories, nightmares and the shadows will he be able to survive in this new world and find peace?

Story and Art by BHP Comics

8. Fox & Willow, 171 pages - Published by Outland Entertainment, (cc/ @jeremymohler)

Just a meal and a place to sleep in the barn... When Jessa, the miller's daughter, offers simple comforts to Willow and Gideon in return for a bit of work, the runaway princess and her fox spirit companion are more than willing to take Jessa up on it. After all, being on the road has its dangers, and the respite while they search for answers to Gideon's cursed collar is more than welcome.

Story and Art by Aimo and Alison Pang

9. White Druid/Michael Nero, 72 pages - Published by Omen Comics, (cc/ @Omenverse)

Lugh O'Sidhe aka the White Druid is an ancient Irish deity who serves life & the natural order as Protector of the Realm. As the White Druid Lugh is the head of his order. He is wise & kind. His partner, Michael Nero has an IQ of 160 & was born with an ability to see all planes of existence called the Third Sight which aids him as a world renowned supernatural detective. He is abrasive & arrogant.

Story and Art by Guido Martinez, Michael Nunneley, Russ Pirozek, Steve Sellers, Tosin Awosika

10. CLOCKS OF DEATH, 15 pages - Published by Krick Suriken, (cc/ @kricksuriken)

“60 clocks with one minute apart each other and a dead person”. This is, in essence, the mystery of “clocks of death” such is the way Sarulimei Etsika calls it, who investigates this unknown mystery, motivated by the written testimony in the diary of an ancestor of hers. Sarulimei will do research and replicate this mystery and see if it’s real, if so, will it “get her to death”?

Story and Art by Krick Suriken

11. Bad Natures, 28 pages - Published by The Bad Natures Comic LLC, (cc/ @Joshuavany)

A dysfunctional group of gods endanger themselves and the world around them when they can't agree on whether or not to build Heaven. Half creation myth, half fable: Bad Natures is both a story about the power of self-agency and perseverance, and a cautionary tale about disinformation and misguided conviction.

Story and Art by The Bad Natures Comic LLC

12. Madwoman of the Sacred Heart, 195 pages - Published by Humanoids, (cc/ @BrunoHumanoids)

The comedic and ironic misadventures of a confused Philosophy professor on the path to spiritual awakening. Alan Mangel has it all. As a popular Philosophy Professor at the world famous Université de La Sorbonne, he is wealthy, married and academically acclaimed. On his sixtieth birthday, however, Alan’s life will crumble as Elisabeth, a beautiful young st…

Story and Art by Alexandro Jodorowsky and Moebius



And that's the list of the most popular comics and manga in the Drama genre here on GlobalComix. Congratulations to all of the incredibly talented creators that were featured. This sorting is driven entirely by the community reading and engaging with your stories.

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