Announcing in-reader comments & reactions

Christopher Headquarters • Aug 4, 2021

As a service to both creators and readers, we are dedicated to improving their shared experiences of stories here on GlobalComix. We recently launched the new GlobalComix Reader V3, and we have now further expanded the reader's offering for how viewers can interact with both creators and each other.

Introducing Reactions

Reactions are a set of emoji comments that you as a reader can post in response to each release. There's a mix between positive, neutral, and negative reactions, and you can select as many as you would like. Reactions are a simple way of communicating your thoughts without typing out lots of text to explain. Reactions will also help us learn about what types of comics you like, such that we can serve you better recommendations for comics to read in the future.

In-Reader Comments

For those who have a bit more to say, either to other readers, or to the creator, we have now integrated the comments system for releases directly into the reading experience. This integration is an extension of the previous release comments, and any comments posted in the reading experience will also show up in a user's home feed and on the comic profile page. You can also @mention someone's username, if you want to tag them in the comment and send a notification for them to see.


We wanted to make it as easy as possible for ya'll to leave your thoughts and feedback without requiring jumping out of the reading experience, and we hope you'll find these changes useful.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below this post.


The GlobalComix Team
@ericmtap, @Kevin, @Christopher


MK-Wizard 2 months ago

Yes! This will be a big help because feedback is crucial for me to improve my art.


Kevin admin 2 months ago

This is amazing! Already used it a few times while reading through comics for our feature articles. I love being able to comment directly in the reader, and the reactions are a fun way to add a little more emotion to it.