Why Join GlobalComix? 6 Questions We Always Hear

EricTapper Community • Jul 8, 2021

Cover art from Year Zero, AWA Studios


Over the past 18 months or so, we’ve interfaced with many of the industry’s best and up-and-coming creators and publishers. In doing so, we have learned the most common reservations and misconceptions about digital publishing in general, as well as specific to GlobalComix. And we know more broadly that the digital world can feel like a puzzle within western comics.

With all of that in mind, we’ve compiled an informal FAQ-style breakdown here for anyone thinking about publishing with GlobalComix, but who still need a more information.


1. What if I don't have the time?

Cover art from Aeonian, Rocket Ink Studios


Setting up a profile on GlobalComix takes seconds, and uploading comics takes minutes. You can also schedule your comics for releases whenever you want, so you can batch upload and schedule out if you have future releases ready. Sharing your comic out requires you to copy and paste the URL of your comic and share it out - also seconds.

In other words, you can easily go from creating an account to driving your email list/social following with a handful of your comics in 15 minutes. Simple as that.

If you have a larger catalog, we'll help you pull together the metadata, and ask you send us your PDFs. We'll upload the backlog for you at no cost, so your upfront time investment is negligible. Just reach out and we’ll get the process started.


2. How does the money thing work here?

Cover art from A Christmas Carol, Markosia

Cost to creators: The cost for most features to publishers and creators is $0. There are paid upgrades for premium tools like team management of a page, multi-language publishing, and more. You can see the full breakdown here.

Revenue: The reader buys a monthly Gold subscription for $7.99, and our payment processor Stripe takes ~$0.50 (2.9%+$0.30), netting $7.49. We assign you the portion of that $7.49 equal to the proportion of [pages that particular reader reads of your work] to [their total pages read that month]. So if they read 150 pages of your work, and 50 pages of Creator X, you would be assigned 75% of the gross revenue ($5.62) and Creator X would be assigned 25% ($1.87). At 65% revenue share you specifically would net $3.65 from that reader. This formula would apply to each reader who reads your work.

This might seem complicated, but it's designed so that you're getting paid for the readers you bring, instead of being paid out of a pool where you're on the margins.

Payouts: Payouts on demand through bank and debit card in the U.S., paypal for international once minimum $30 USD in account. We offer transparent invoicing, and breakdown oyour revenue by channel.


3. Will you promote me?

Art from Theatrics, TPub


The short answer is, very likely. If you look at our community section and our social media, we spend most of our time reading through and promoting indie comics from every genre and level.

The full answer is we are a small team and receive thousands of comics every year, so while we try to get to everyone, we do also hope that you will promote your work if you are looking for sustainable readership. We’ve built tools and functionality to make that process as easy as possible, and have a full education section including webinars to help you take steps in building your digital audience. All of which are listed in the 'bells and whistles' section below.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like us to focus on a particular release or campaign. We also encourage you to utilize those promotional tools like Crowdfinder, for example, as we do regularly promote actively funding campaigns. Utilizing our on platform tools helps us find you more easily and we’ll be more likely to boost your work.


4. Why should I focus on digital at all?

Art from Adventures of a System Admin, Bearded Man Comics


Well, how do you reach 1000 potential fans quickly and cheaply? You start with a link to instantly read your comic.

We often think of digital channels as a crowded convention: everyone’s there looking around so you’re in the right place. In either case you need to grab their attention with something. The benefit of digital is that the audience is larger than singular conventions by orders of magnitude, and you can do it at any time for any price.

Pro tip: Our most successful publishers use GC as a complement to print. If you can get those 1000 digital readers in a day of sharing out posts, and 1% of them go on to buy your print book, that's 10 customers. You can link to your print store and crowdfunding campaigns right in the reading experience.

We also offer full transparent information on your readership, where they come from, how they read your comic - even how much time per page.


5. What are the terms?

Cover art from Milford Green, Signal Comics


Click for general termspublisher terms, and content policy.

The highlights are we don't claim ownership to any work, just the right to use your images to promote your work and our platform as long as they are on GlobalComix. You can delete or augment comics and accounts at any time - at which point we would no longer have the right to use your images.


6. OK, who else is on the platform?

We have thousands of creators and publishers, but some folks you might have heard of include:

  • Heavy Metal
  • Top Cow
  • AWA
  • Source Point Press
  • A Wave Blue World
  • Mad Cave Studios

See a full list here.


7. (Bonus!) Bells and whistles include but are not limited to:

  • A newly rebuilt reader optimized to support desktop, mobile, and tablet readership (July 2021)
  • Multiple format and layout options to give your readers the best experience
  • Regular performance updates on your work that include metrics for most popular devices, countries, and more
  • User-friendly, detailed analytics on how your audience interacts with your work
  • Crowdfunding support
  • Customizable promo codes
  • Multi-language publishing (premium)
  • On-platform Talent Marketplace
  • Educational resources from industry veterans
  • Multi-user team management (premium)
  • A responsive, highly engaged team
  • An active community - join our Discord and follow us on Twitter

And more!


Got the info you need? Begin your publishing journey here.

We hope this answers most of your big questions and we can't wait to see you on GC.

Please leave thoughts, feedback and comments below!


The GlobalComix Team