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What's Trending: Sports Days

By ArtCrumbsFeatured Comics • Jul 21, 2022 0

Schools out for many of us, and we need something fun to do! Cricket sounds fun, maybe racing, basketball? What about roller derby? Get your gear on and let's play for today's What's Trending, featuring:

1. Batsman, 74 pages - Published by WagaComix, (cc/ @WagaComix)

Haku Mizorogi is in his final year of high school. It’s also the season for the annual national high school baseball competition (Ko-shien). Haku’s dream is to become a professional baseballer, and to be a top batter! As such, Haku doesn’t believe in half-heartedness. His competitive drive is to pit himself against the strongest pitchers, so that he can give it his “All or...