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Nimloth admin posted May 28, 2017

Welcome to the Official GlobalComix Heldesk

Welcome to the official help-desk forum for GlobalComix.

If you have any questions regarding GlobalComix, Comics Publishing, how to use our service, or even just wondering about how digital comics work, this is the place to ask your questions. Between GlobalComix staff and the wider community we're sure to be able to help and provide answers!

That said, if you have some spare time and see questions that you can help answer, please do feel free to chime in :)

PAF posted Oct 22, 2019

Hey There Nimloth, 
My name is Ed, I'm new here. I was wondering about the creator page name, is there a reason I can't submit the names I want?

Thanks in advance.

Nimloth admin posted Oct 22, 2019

@PAF what are the names you're trying to get so I can look into it? What's the error you get when creating your page?

PAF posted Oct 23, 2019

Thanks for the reply, no error message, it just starts over. The name is SCRAM! weekly.

Nimloth admin posted Oct 23, 2019

@PAF thanks for the report, my apologies for that. There was a temporary error that was preventing this form to submit completely, I've released a fix for it and deployed the fix live.

Please let me know if you still have any issues.

PAF posted Oct 23, 2019

No need to apologize, I appreciate the speedy fix. Have a good day.

PAF posted Oct 24, 2019

Another question, how is mature content defined on this website?
I know that nudity and graphic content is obviously mature, but what about language?

Nimloth admin posted Oct 24, 2019

The general rule of thumb is that graphic language that makes sense for the intended audience and would be fine in a movie theater is no problem. 

We have the intended audiences flags on each comic, and an explicit “not safe for work” flag per release that actually blurs our pages until the reader accepts viewership separately.

does that help?

PAF posted Oct 24, 2019

Yes it does, appreciate the reply.

Have a good one