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ToDiaspora posted May 4, 2020

Do one-shots need to be previews?

In my case, I have a lot of stories built up over the years, that are slightly longer than normal one-shot: generally when finally adapted to a "name" format, they would be 60-80 pages, not 16-40 pages. And each story would be stand-alone, not be a preview to a larger series. But each one-shot is set roughly in the same world, even city, as other one-shots.

I was looking around Quora and Stack Exchange, and there didn't seem to be clarification as to whether a story can remain and be intended as self-contained.

I'm more of a short story writer, so longer media is kind of weird for me. Though I have done it, about nine different times. But I prefer shorter stuff.

Christopher admin posted May 6, 2020

I'm not sure what you mean with the question here? what do you mean "need to be previews" ?

ToDiaspora posted May 6, 2020

Ah sorry, I mean more like is there any reason a one-shot can't be a stand-alone story, as suppose to an Episode 0 to a larger series?

I have about 20 one-shots I have in mind at the moment.