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ToDiaspora posted Apr 17, 2020

How long do you make your chapters?

Currently I have two chapters up, although once I finish inking these last few pages, I'll have two and a half chapters up ( 59-60 pages ). I was originally anticipating chapter one would be the transitionary chapter, but I ended up adding additional subplots and expansion of characters.

By the time i'm done with the first draft, this might up being 124-200 pages.

( That excludes however many pages gets added when its redrawn. )

Jenny-Toons posted Apr 28, 2020

Hmmm, I work more with panels rather than pages, so the number of pages I create can vary chapter per chapter. Generally, I work with 20-45 panels per chapters, which usually sums up to 5-10 pages. 

bassdrumdreams posted May 1, 2020

I have a bare minimum for sure of 20 pages, but I'll go over if there isn't a good break until further along in the story.  I think Game of Thrones did a good job of not forcing themselves into one hour time slots to tell a story.

ToDiaspora posted May 1, 2020

I'm thinking of a similar kind of limit as well, or for print a minimum of 24-26 pages. That might be a ways in the future though, reverse engineering this one weapon design I did, to see why the proportions were off.

I'm wanting to aim for maybe a 690 panel book or so when this is done.