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ToDiaspora posted Apr 11, 2020

In going over stories I want to do,

Should I just do a wait and see, and see what script format the artist prefers. Or jump and ahead and use the script format I prefer to do the storyboards, and then have whatever artist I find go by those story boards?

I know some creators prefer more flexibility on their paneling. I'm somewhat that way when I storyboard; stageplay format is often more productive, do to the kind of stories I write.

After the current, I was thinking of focusing on short comic scripts for a while.

The only downside I'm seeing: my short stories are wildly different in style, because I used to write science fiction rather than magical realism I prefer now.

JandHComics-79 posted Apr 16, 2020


Not sure if I can give advice as I writer and draw my books. I know when I write my scripts I mark them off by what frame they are in (for example - Panel 1 Character is running Panel 2 - Character ducks.) I have a rough idea of what I want the page to look like but I am not sure what that will look like as far as paneling. Sometime I like to stumble on something I like. 

I would talk to the artist and see how he or she likes to work. Do they like to have some freedom or to know what you want? Also, if you like to write it a certain way and control what the page looks like that is fine and something you want to tell them. 

The cool thing about using different artist could be that you find a style that you really like to keep in mind when you are working out something on your paper. 

Not sure if this really helps at all but thought I would give it a try. I am new to this website. 


ToDiaspora posted Apr 16, 2020

Interesting! Thanks. Another interesting argument I found watching this one podcast, suppose you have an anthology that is made up of all the artists in a comic company. What he would generally do is have each of those artist write a simple script, and then have one artist draw from all of those scripts, in order to keep the art consistent.

After I finish Uploaded Fairy, I might tryadapting one of my short stories next.

JandHComics-79 posted Apr 17, 2020

Sounds very cool! 

ToDiaspora posted Apr 18, 2020

Oh as a heads up, if I end up paired with anyone, I may end up needing someone doesn't mind working with rhyme and meter. Tried to find ways to make it not ... sing songy, but I can't seem to avoid it.

JandHComics-79 posted Apr 18, 2020

Got you