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Release #1 - Year Zero #1

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1: Year Zero #1
NSFW 41.3k views • Sep 21, 2020
Ben Percy (Wolverine) and Ramon Rosanas (Star Wars: Age of Resistance) team up to present an epic tale that offers a global look at the Zombie Apocalypse. A Japanese hitman, a Mexican street urchin, an Afghan military aide, a Polar research scientist, a midwestern American survivalist – five survivors of a horrific global epidemic who must draw upon their unique skills.

Chopdown 1 year ago (edited 1 year ago)

This is Awesome! Hooked after the first 10 pages! I love the slow build, showing the outbreak in the details surrounding the main characters before the characters notice it. Cant wait for more!

edit: found this via the r/zombie subreddit. I hope that sub takes off one day.


kn1ght7 1 year ago

Ditto Chopdown's comment - Love the art style and global-experience style of story-telling, reminds me of WWZ and the way the stories are non-linear and captures a range of people's harrowing experiences to the outbreak. Love that this introduced me to globalcomix too, I'd be more than happy to pay to read content like this if it supports the author too!


Nimloth moderator 1 year ago

@kn1ght7: "Love that this introduced me to globalcomix too"

hearts! :)