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Release #1 - Wall Breakers #1

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1: Wall Breakers #1
540 views • Dec 05, 2020
Hot, noisy, and ruthless. New York is suffering one of its worst heatwaves in history. An average joe comes across a mysterious object of occult origin; accidentally unleashing an enemy of pure, unrelenting evil! They are many, and he but one. Can he survive the hunt? Find out in Wall Breakers, a hard-hitting, non-stop, action-adventure, a one-shot comic by Jorge Zevallos!

AhkwardKat admin 10 months ago

Great work! Love the inking on this!


jestrada 10 months ago

hey man great work. I loved this book. I also backed your kickstarter. Keep kicking ass and taking names man!!


snowyworks 10 months ago (edited 10 months ago)

[email protected]jestrada, thanks so much! So happy you enjoyed the book!