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Release #1 - Ultraduck

111 pages
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1: Ultraduck
4.7k views • Sep 03, 2020

Techtarine 1 month ago

Fantastic read. Great characters and strong writing. The plot never stops and the art is absolutely terrific. The action flows well and the overall mystery is explored, revealed, and tied up in a truly spectacular climax. There's little to no fat to the story, which keeps it both simple, but also grounded strongly, exploring the themes and characters in a very real way. The anthropomorphic characters lends itself to really great reactions and characterization, and I think the comic benefited immensely for it.

The contrast between Horace and Carlos is a central idea of the story, but what the writer did so well was slowly reveal that to the reader over the course of the entire comic, with the ending capping it off. The theme of growing up and becoming an adult is central, hence the title of the first issue, and it's mirrored in both the relationship of our deuteragonists with their love interests and their use of their powers.

Honest assessment is a 9 if not 10 out of 10. The comic sets out to do what it intended to, and did it perfectly.