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The Wallachian Library

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Chapter 1
1146 views • Feb 25, 2018
For how long can the dead rest in peace?

Nimloth admin 1 year ago

I really love this series. Keep up the good work! (Also, thank you for putting the panels on this release, it made reading on mobile from bed so easy) :)


thehereticlocomotive 1 year ago (edited 1 year ago)

Thank you. Glad you like it so far. I will put panels on the next chapters as soon as I can. It takes a lot of time, also I don't receive any notifications that you commented on this chapter, I just found it by accident. I added a new bug on the forum, hope that's OK :D. And thanks again.


Nimloth admin 1 year ago

You should be getting a notification for this :D