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Release #1 - Crush: Issue 1

134 pages
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1: Crush: Issue 1
3.4K views • Mar 12, 2021
As if 27 enormous Monsters ruling over post-apocalyptic Earth wasn't enough, now there's a new threat from outer space: Crawlies, a legion of voracious alien predators eating everything in their path. Humanity's only chance is the Pilot Beti, her incredible Mech and her best friend, a telepathic, telekinetic dog named E.K. Beti will face an even bigger challenge: the return of a long-lost flame.

lcalpin 1 year ago

After reading this comic, I was left with the feeling that this series has a lot of potential and promise.
Did it interest me enough to continue the series? Not really, but I will definitely read the next one to see if it comes close to meeting my expectations.