Manga Thriller

Shadow's Daughter

Leading Ladies Post-apocalyptic Steam / Cyber punk Superhero Supernatural / Occult Teenagers (13-18)
Adults (18+)
Latest releases
21 pages (FREE)
1: Prologue: The Demon Moon
1.2k views • Dec 05, 2020
Creator The demon moon rises and casts the earth into chaos. Creatures of tooth and claw, myth and legend crawl from the shadows and the crimson moon bestows its dark gifts. Summer Rain, born beneath the red moon's shadow, grows into her gift and learns to bend shadow to her will.
22 pages (FREE)
2: Where are my Jeans?
505 views • Dec 05, 2020
Summer's night is about to start, but first she needs to kit up.
58 pages (FREE)
3: An Unexpected Gig
855 views • Dec 05, 2020
Summer heads out into the night, but finds more than she bargains for.
42 pages (FREE)
4: Bad Apples
496 views • Dec 05, 2020
Summer tries to track down the owner of the mysterious tattoo.
25 pages (FREE)
5: Chen's Horsefly
263 views • Dec 05, 2020
Summer heads to the Happy Time Restaurant to talk with the proprietor, Chen, and secure safe passage to the Undercity.
18 pages (FREE)
6: The Backroom of Curiosities
196 views • Dec 05, 2020
Starting to head down to the gateway which will lead to the undercity and a bunch of strangeness! This is where the fun really starts.
20 pages (FREE)
7: Pause for Reflection
212 views • Dec 05, 2020
Summer reflects on the madness outside of Chen's shop.
20 pages (FREE)
8: One Last Warning
176 views • Dec 05, 2020
In spite of Chen's dire warning of some forboding danger, Summer continues on to the undercity, finding Chen's sister waiting.
24 pages (FREE)
9: Into the Undercity
172 views • Dec 05, 2020
Summer enters the Undercity, meeting Su-ling and passing through the shadow store to the streets beyond.
25 pages (FREE)
10: Daughter of Shadows
171 views • Dec 05, 2020
For the first time, Summer hears the title "Shadow's Daughter", spoken by an Undercity Farseer.
31 pages (FREE)
11: Minky!
248 views • Dec 05, 2020
Summer is reunited with Minky.

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