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Fighting / Martial Arts Friendship Magic Mature Mythical Teenagers (13-18)
Adults (18+)
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36 pages (FREE)
1: Cosmic Wars #1
1.5K views • Aug 19, 2022
Our Young protagonist Ruhan awakens , we get a glimpse of his life in the Cliffs of Reason amongst the Sages of lore, what type of person is he , his hopes , and dreams, what may become of young Ruhan....
34 pages (FREE)
2: Cosmic Wars #2
1.1K views • Aug 27, 2022
Young Ruhan continously keeps questioning his ability to be what he wants to be, or does he truly want to be a sage? his 2 best and only friends think differently but one of them has a dark secret...
55 pages (FREE)
3: Cosmic Wars #3
759 views • Sep 06, 2022
As Ruhan is Finally Prepared to Journey Beyond the cliffs, he still needs help to go across , meanwhile the Sages of lore become more and more unstable as the phantom traitor continues to Abduct and kill young apprentices...
40 pages (FREE)
4: Cosmic Wars #4
459 views • Sep 16, 2022
Ruhans finally out in the open wild, the Hermit Shire. a whole new world to explore but soon he ll realise its not all cupcakes and rainbow...
41 pages (FREE)
5: Cosmic Wars #5
253 views • Sep 28, 2022
Ruhan finally finds someone in a seemingly unforgiving forest, hes in for a lesson alright...
39 pages (FREE)
6: Cosmic Wars #6
183 views • Oct 11, 2022
In this strange facility that ruhan finds himself in, another resides here , awaiting freedom, bidding his time....