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1: Kyrie 1
NSFW 30.8k views • Mar 13, 2021
Issue 1 starts as the joint forces are returning home to their respective countries, with General Geumey tasked with delivering the 'spoils of war' to his king. Their journey though, is not uneventful. What is a....'Catastrophic Shadow'...?
33 pages (FREE)
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2: Kyrie 2
NSFW 10.7k views • Mar 13, 2021
Aeorth and Dhafer find themselves in woodland not far off the coast after the ‘Catastrophic Shadow’ event. With them, is the woman with the strange aura, however this time, Aeorth does not sense it. Who is she? Where is she from? Why is she so angry?? All of these questions will be answered in Issue 2 of Kyrie. General Geumey resturns to Khokkhriir with his Black Guard battalion.