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Release #1 - GunEngine Zero PREVIEW

7 pages (FREE)
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1: GunEngine Zero PREVIEW
105 views • May 26, 2022
Six-page preview of GunEngine Zero issue #1.

rainyroadmedia 6 months ago

So I tried crowdfunding this book on Kickstarter in May, 2022 but it failed to fund. I'm still committed to trying to get this made so I'll continue to promote this book and maybe relaunch in 2023.


DrAlanR 3 months ago

@rainyroadmedia: Crowdfunding is a tough road. There's no harm in trying again! I've seen a number of books that needed a couple of kicks at the can to get off the ground.


rainyroadmedia 3 months ago

Thanks! Yeah, I think I'll try this one again next year. But if it fails again, I may just switch to writing all my stuff as prose novels. At least that won't cost thousands of dollars for an artist and I'll be able to tell the story.


DrAlanR 3 months ago

@rainyroadmedia: I get that. I've had many of the same thoughts!